About the Team

The information here is almost entirely outdated. Please be on standby for this page to be converted to an FAQ.

Damatish:  Hello readers and those that are just browsing. I decided to pick up this novel and roll with it. Well thats all I got to say, if you have any questions, comments, concerns fell free to email me, or comment and ill get back to you.

DarbyHeya! I’m signing on to help Dama crank out these chapters for you lovely people and lessen the load! I won’t bore you with my life story but if you ever want to chat, you can catch me in the discord!

Lyncth: “Hi! I is editor to help with putting chapters out. Me England is best language and I very confident with language. If want know me better, can catch me on Discord”

Navimont: Hello!

bluegolem: A stray golem that’s run from his creator that forced him to dance hola every day, then damatish found him and now has him working as an editor, damatish have a tendency to bully him and make his name green even though he is blue

lordtalonAn Ancient Death God who has wandered the world searching for anything that catches his attention and stops the boredom. Even though he’s a Death God he’s not evil and generally a good hearted guy because is death truly evil its just a natural part of life. After wandering the wastelands, forest, and deserts of the worlds he’s found his way to this new realm and has offered his help to Damatish to further the development of this land.

Sebas Tian: I’m Sebas Tian, I’m a mod on the Overlord discord server, I edit for Light Novel Bastion for a couple things they work on, and now I edit for this group as well. Feel free to ask me questions on Discord.

Humin: I read through the web novel up to chapter 176, but there was no chapter 177. I thought to myself “That is absolutely unacceptable.” so I decided to start translating it without knowing any Japanese. It very hard. I’m cleaning illustrations. im reel humin been and i maek map 2. Check out my map. LISTEN TO SPEEDCORE

Archon: Programmer, author, and best-selling humin slave trader, Archon was born in the fire, and molded by it. He now spits it on the daily. You can catch him streaming highly infrequently at twitch.tv/forsakenarchon And yes ladies, he’s single.


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