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Dragons Egg:

Chapter 191 100%
Chapter 192 100%
Chapter 193 100%
Chapter 194 100%
Chapter 195 100%
Chapter 196 100%
Chapter 197 100%
Chapter 198 99.1%


Chapter 11 100%
Chapter 12 10%
Chapter 13 0%

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  1. Um so you translate new chapters each day…. not gonna say anything about how you do it but if its me with no life or friends i would just translate all i can without sleeping post them and stop doing it all after a week because i get sick of it…..yep sounds accurate to me… keep doing what you’re doing and don’t end up like me who has nothing to do because i get bored of it too fast

    • It only takes me about an hour or two to do so it doesn’t really take much of my time, and I do it while I’m eating dinner or something instead of watching tv. So ill be alright, but I appreciate the concern.

      • I thought I was, he’s not like a lazy nobody with alot of time (me) and i was even giving them advice to not be like me who is bored with life on earth. Is it so hard to understand long stories that have nothing to do with the orginal thought of the comment?

        Ps. I am alive, how about you?

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  3. All right now you’ve done it if you take any longer i’m going to offer to help help I’m serious now recreation with Dragon is a of the strongest team I mean reincarnated as a dragons egg aiming to be the strongest easy right No wait I’ve got a better idea next one to complain about A late chapter gets to translate the next one MUHAHAHAHA no but seriously if you’re looking for a part timer maybe do a little editing or something drop an email and with this my leaching days are over ……..or not

    • Haha, well more than anything I need to manage my time better. Seeing as I edit as I translate I don’t really have a problem there. There may be a few typos here and there with some grammar mistakes though. So if you see anything that sounds weird or you think could be worded differently you are free to point it out. I can’t offer much of a position other then if you’re looking to be a translator. I am however planning on testing out some new features on my test site if you are interested? Just email me through the contact form located on about section. But please make sure you have some free time as this is not a job and more of a hobby

  4. Ano~ I may~ just be a little dumb~ …but I can’t find anything like an update schedule… if someone could point one out or tell me what it is, that would be really helpful
    sorry for the trouble~

      • I would personally like one, but I’d also be happy with something like “there is a chapter released per week” or something as general as that

      • I personally don’t like you having a releasing schedule, because that would push some pressure on you guys due to the imaginary deadline. It’s not like we pay you guys to do the job or anything. And that shit usually makes people quit on what they are doing. So for me, just chapter status is enough to satisfy me. Just get the estimated time for the next release is enough.
        And if you guys want to have a releasing schedule as well, you should raise an Patreon. I see a lot of other translation teams having their own Patreon sites, and it seems that those people work more effectively than others. The problem is not about the money, it’s the motivation, it’s hard to do the job when you get nothing back

  5. Hey just wondering how the next chapter of dragon’s egg was coming I really like the series and look forward to the next chapter. You go guys.

  6. Thank you very much. I loved Dragon’s Egg manga so when I was looking for more it was really nice to find this place. Thank you for your time and have work.

  7. How long does it usually take to finish a chapter/how long before the next post of dragon egg? Just wondering. Thank you for your work.

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