Q: Why is there such a large gap between chapter releases?
A: The currently active translator on dsrealm right now is currently in the process of learning Japanese with a split of about 85~90% studying and 10~15% chapter translations, and that is if keeping up with the raw Dragon Egg chapters as well as backing them up, LN image cleaning, providing context for the LN images themselves, the manga translation, and other life needs are ignored. Damatish was in the process of doing a full bulk translation for Dullahan to get that out of the way before an incident in November of 2019 took him out of commission.

Q: What happened to Damatish in November of 2019?
A: Those who’ve been on the discord will have noticed that Damatish has been away for an unusually long period of time. Damatish suffered a severe spinal injury in November of 2019 that broke several vertebrae and required several pins. He’s been undergoing physical therapy and it’s been a slow but steady recovery for him. We’ve been silent about it up until now for medical privacy reasons. Humin has managed to get into contact with Dama to get permission to write this up, but he’s still not in any condition to do anything that requires fine motor control for extended periods of time, which means that any translations from him have been put on hold for the time being.

Q: I wish to translate Dragon Egg but do not want to join the group. Can I make a compromise in some way?
A: Dsrealm is the official translation source for the Dragon Egg web novel. All endorsed chapters must go through our quality control process and be officially posted on the dsrealm translations website and nowhere else. We do not endorse unofficial translations. If you wish to officially translate Dragon Egg with us, you must join our team. Since we have a quality control process, chapters translated under the dsrealm name are thus considered raw translations until they’ve gone through said quality control process and are not to be publicly posted anywhere.

Q: How do I apply to join dsrealm?
A: All applications are done via the dsrealm discord. You can either DM or ping Humin, Lyncth, or xboxbam on the discord. All positions are sufficiently filled as of now, but if we are ever in need of staff positions being filled, join the discord to be one of the first to know.

Q: Where can the dsrealm team best be reached?
A: On the dsrealm discord, which is linked on each chapter post and is on the sidebar on every page on the dsrealm website.

Q: Why was my comment not approved on the website?
A: There might be a few reasons for this:
The most common one is that the comment either mentions or links to an outside, unofficial translation for the Dragon Egg web novel. As dsrealm is the official translator for the Dragon Egg web novel, we strictly forbid the linking or mentioning of any unofficial Dragon Egg translations. The discord is more lenient, as we do allow mentioning outside translation resources for minimum context reasons, but linking is still strictly forbidden there.
Attempting to spoil future chapters of the series in any manner will also prevent your comment from being approved. Please join the discord if you wish to discuss chapters that are yet to be translated.
The last one is that your post was indistinguishable from that of a spam bot. Due to the quantity of spam that comes through, every single comment is manually approved. The spam bots are trying harder these days and we still get a lot of them.
There might be other, specific reasons, but these are usually singular cases that don’t pop up again.

Q: Why was this comment approved?
A: If someone wants to make a fool of themselves by making the dumbest take possible, we might as well not stop them. The other commenters will sort them out.

Q: How do you plan on completely translating the series, given the current rate chapters are being released?
A: Since I, Humin, am currently the sole translator for Dragon Egg for the time being, I’ll be taking this over in my voice.
There is a larger plan that I’m slowly putting into place which is the reason why I’m spending far more of my time right now learning Japanese than translating chapters. First off, when translating something as large as Dragon Egg, it makes more sense to get the full extent of the project you’re taking on. When I first joined, the raw chapter count sat at 416, a daunting number to me, who at the time looked at that completely unprepared. Right now it sits at 650+ chapters and is still rising with the series just about beginning its final arc.
To make this easier to understand, I’ve tried splitting this up into separate parts. Note that some parts may coincide or overlap:
⸻0: Ongoing back-ups and note taking. Basically just keeping periodic backups of latest and edited raw chapters, taking notes on terms, and doing some preliminary research to lighten the workload once the ball seriously gets rolling. This is the preparation stage for the project, the step before the first step. If I didn’t do these, I’d 1: risk losing access to the raw Dragon Egg chapters as Necoco has had to remove series from their syosetu account before and 2: Have to endure an enormous gap between the last chapter released and the beginning of the release of the first chapter of the retranslation project as the master terms spreadsheet will take a massive amount of time and research to complete. Without the backups, the series retranslation project risks being instantly doomed at any point.
⸻1: Wait until the web novel completes. From time of posting, this will likely take anywhere from 9 months to 18 months. This is a base requirement for a lot of things next on this list. Besides that, with the web novel being complete, I’ll have a proper, full scope of the project. The web novel being complete also means I don’t have to take extra time following the web novel and taking note of how characters develop or present themselves over time. Proper foresight gives me the ability to incorporate proper nuance.
⸻2: Wait for the light novel to complete. These usually lag a year behind the web novel chapters. The reason for this is that if you’ve been following what I’ve been doing on the discord, you’ll know that I’ve been cleaning light novel images and collating reference images. The cleaning takes extra time as does providing context for the images. So once the image cleaning is completed, along with the context I provide with them, that means everything that doesn’t have to do directly with translating chapters and formally studying japanese is off my plate. No more needing to back up chapters, no more needing to take ongoing notes, no more needing to clean chapters, and no more needing to provide context for cleaned images.
⸻3: Formally finish studying up to, and including, JLPT N1 material. This one’s rather obvious, so I don’t have much to say about it, but right now I’m in the middle of studying JLPT N3 material. As I go farther along my studying, the time I devote to studying and translating will change. It’ll go from “I should spend a large majority of my time studying japanese” to “I should spend a majority of my time translating to the best of my abilities so I can hone my translation skills.” So expect another 130 or so chapters from me before the plan to retranslate truly begins. From there, there I will likely be extended radio silence unless you’re following the discord or actively asking me questions.
⸻4: Read through the entirety of the web novel and light novel. In simple terms, the web novel is a first draft and the light novel is the properly edited version. The web novel gives the purest picture of intent from the author while the light novel gives the most properly written version of the story, giving me the fullest picture I can of the series of works that is Dragon Egg. Reading through all of the chapters will also allow me to properly bookmark where to place the light novel cleans at and possibly some reference images.
⸻5: Create an end-all be-all terms list for Dragon Egg. Currently, the Dragon Egg terms lists (yes, plural) are rather fractured and mostly a “doing it as I go along” type of deal. As far as they go, they’re okay for what they are, but there’s discrepancies between the two lists between the manga and the web novel and their incomplete nature throws a wrench into expanding them further. So, the best solution here is to go from beginning to end and create a full comprehensive terms list of skills, species, names, places, and objects. By my estimates, this list will likely exceed 1000 terms. Unlike the lists I have right now, this one will be publicly viewable, though I don’t know what form it will take. At the time of posting, this part has been revised due the increasing difficulty of maintaining two expanding lists and I will start creating a unified terms list around the time I’m halfway through my formal JLPT N3 studies. This will be closer to the finalized list, but will not be the final list and thus I will not make it publicly available.
⸻6: Set up all web novel chapters for translating. Depending on if I can get someone to set these up, this might either take no time or a lot of time. While the series will be backed up properly, it will still need work to be in a proper in format for me to effectively translate.
⸻7: Set up a website that’s optimized for posting Dragon Egg chapters to, likely coded from scratch without wordpress. While there are multiple ways I can go about this, I will ensure that all chapters posted are official with permission given beforehand from the author to translate Dragon Egg. I can’t just assume that permission I’ve been granted working under dsrealm will carry over. Dragon Egg is mostly just text and images with minimal formatting. Not much else is necessary. Ergo, there’s a lot that should theoretically be automatable, but it has been difficult for one reason or another due to the way Damatish had initially set up wordpress on the website, making it unnecessarily bloated for what I need it for. Not least of which is that it needs periodic updating on basically everything, which has broken things in the past.
⸻8: Retranslate the entirety of the Dragon Egg web novel, from beginning to end, to such a quality that any translations, prior and potential, will be considered obsolete and redundant. This is the final, and longest step of the plan, and the only step of the plan that most of the readers of the project will see. Even with everything set up, I still expect Dragon Egg to be at least a half-decade-long project if I’m lucky. Having things automated and everything else set up is crucial to keeping a steady schedule at this point, which is what will be necessary to take this project to completion. Point 8 is still at least 2~3 years out, if not more, and has currently been in planning for over two years.


This FAQ was last updated on 2021-03-30.