Ch. 11 Arrival at the Royal Capital of Eldonia

We had received and repelled the Black Wolves’ attack. We did not encounter any monsters after that, and proceeded fine from there, safely reaching the royal capital. I stepped off the carriage and looked around. The cityscape resembled medieval Europe.


There were buildings with smokestacks and stone streets crowded with people moving fluidly, reminiscent of the movement of blood flowing through blood vessels. Things like carriages and rickshaws were coming and going, and many people were out working with vigor. There were various kinds of people, such as knights and adventurers, wearing armor and carrying large greatswords.


I wondered if the people wearing white robes and round, silver necklaces were devout Elau believers. Gazing towards one believer’s destination, there was the sight of a finely built, chalk-white castle.


“Is that the temple you mentioned, Sisty…?”

“I’m also seeing it for the first time.”

Really. And here I thought you knew what you were talking about, seeing as how confident you were.


Several flying buttresses were used outside as supports for the temple, and large windows lined the perimeter. Although this could be taken for a royal castle, the green roof adorned on top, along with the flowing water, gave off a feeling of harmony, producing a somewhat soft atmosphere.


It’s thanks to the efforts of so many devout followers that such a wonderful temple was created. Just by looking at that building, you could tell just how much power this “Elau” has.

My natural enemy currently resides in there. Let’s never approach.


Deciding to take a quick look around, I saw a castle just a little larger than the temple. The castle had towers which looked like they overlapped, and gave off a dignified atmosphere different from the temple. This country’s castles, temples, and buildings were rather splendid.


Even from afar, the scale of this place left you with a deep impression! So looking more closely would of course be even more amazing. While I was looking at the kingdom capital’s cityscape, the merchant leader came up to us and spoke.

“If you ever decide to head back then please, by all means, ask if you could take on the escort quest! That way, I can officially hire you as an adventurer.”


The merchant leader, after bowing many times, finally left. It seemed that they were moving to a nearby village as soon as they finished selling goods here in the capital. They evaluated our work quite highly, but they were just overestimating us. Even though it was just a lucky hit with Sisty’s magic, we were greatly praised along the way.


“Let’s go Duke! We’re heading to the Adventurer’s Guild and registering to be adventurers!”

With all that praise, our useless mage here was in a good mood. Her ponytail swayed happily behind her as she moved along light-footedly with a cheerful expression.


She seems about ready to start skipping at any moment. That fireball was actually a coincidence, so Sisty should at least act humble when she’s praised. She also easily accepted praise for that lightning, saying “I really aimed at the Black Wolf”. However, I am not so naive as to believe that. At that time, I certainly heard Sisty shouting, “…Ah, watch out”.


I can still vividly recall it whizzing past right by my helmet. That’s why I could only think of her lightning magic attack as coincidence. But the person herself really thinks her skill has risen and is amped to try it out in a battle against monsters.


“So, where’s the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“When I asked the merchant earlier, he said we would get there by going straight this way.”

An excellent location. For some reason, I got angry hearing her speak, so I shook it off and just silently followed behind her.

Dear me, I should get that checked out.


Now that I’m looking around, it’s quite a lively cityscape. The way I’m looking around so much is probably making me look like a country bumpkin. At least it doesn’t seem like they care much about mingling with different races. There was a woman with beautiful blonde hair and sharp ears, women with fox tails, and men with beast ears. So, beastmen and elves that are common in fantasy settings are walking around normally. I whisper to Sisty while pointing to the elf walking on the other side.


“Hey, is that an elf?”

“Yeah, it is. This is the royal capital, after all, and it allows mixed races, including dwarves. Now stop pointing, it’s rude.”


Sisty told me to lower my finger, while panicking. I quickly lower my finger, but the elf-woman seemed to have noticed me pointing, and snorted in displeasure as we passed each other. Pardon me please, I saw a species straight out of fantasy and excitedly pointed.


“Ah, it’s a beastman…”

This time it was a woman walking in the front of me. She was walking with her slender tail swaying around like a cat. My hand was drawn to it as I reached ou–


“The hell are you doing Duke!?”

Sisty jabbed my side with her cane.


The sound of armor being hit hard reverberates and the surrounding people look. For your information, this kind of hit doesn’t hurt at all.

“You were about to touch the tail of a beastwoman? A beastman’s tail can only be touched by family or their significant other! And since you’re not a child, you could be sued for sexual harassment!”

“Is that so!?…You would think that such an important thing would be kept out of reach…”


“Crossing that kind of line turns women into enemies.”

When I bowed to the beastwoman, she laughed and smiled, saying “Don’t mind it,” and left. Hmm, I may have fallen in love if I was human. It was amazing seeing beastmen who looked like various colored dogs walk on two feet. We soon arrived in front of a building with a brown roof, which seemed to be the Adventurer’s Guild.


“This is the Adventurer’s Guild.”

Sisty and I stopped in front of the door. Various noises of men and women were heard inside, and the scent of food floated in the air. Perhaps the template for such settings would unfold, where adventurers pick a fight with the newcomers.

If I get into a fight, I will have to bear the burden of it in the future.

It’s not because I have no confidence in myself, but because I may heavily injure my opponent.


“Then, I’m entering.”

While I was thinking, Sisty easily pushed open the door and walked in.

The balls on this girl…

Following behind Sisty, I spotted the counter at the back. What I saw was three beautiful receptionist ladies serving adventurers with a smile. Although it’s somewhat dimly lit, the building itself is rather large and a bar was also set up to the side.


There were various adventurers drinking, eating, and some even holding strategy meetings. In the back was a hall for staff, and there even seemed to be stairs leading upstairs. Several parchments were pasted to the wall on the right, so that had to be the bulletin board where you could receive quests.


“Well then, shall we line up at the register?”

A lot of gazes came our way as we walked up to the counter. They were paying attention to the large, unfamiliar man wearing full body armor and the well-proportioned mage, Sisty. If I were in their position, I would also eye the newcomers, especially the beautiful girl. Ignoring the curious gazes, we lined up in one of the rows and our turn soon came.


“Yes, hello. What can I do for you today?”

The receptionist had beautiful black hair and produced a calm atmosphere. It’s the type of woman you would call beautiful, rather than cute. In this world with many different hair colors, I still think black is the most beautiful.


“We came to register as adventurers today.”

When I said so, the receptionist giggled and smiled before answering.

“So, it’s an adventurer registration. Thank you. The registration fee is three thousand curls each. Is that fine?”

Shit. For a man to not be able to pay the registration fee, I’ll be branded for life.

If such a thing were to happen, I would be mocked by other adventures.

“Of course, here.”

Sisty and I each take out three silver coins from a leather bag and pay.

Huhu, I already figured out how coins worked!


I was ashamed to ask Sisty, so I heard it from a boy back at Poda village. A golden coin is worth ten thousand curls. A thousand for silver, and a hundred for copper. With bronze being ten curls. It was easy to understand since I just have to remember the colors. I gave the boy bread as thanks.

“Yes, I’ve received six thousand curls for the registration of two people. Please fill in your names and information on this form.”


After the receptionist received six silver coins, she handed me two sheets of paper from under the counter.

Oh, so I have to write it myself.

That’s when I realized, could I even read the words of this world? Would I be able to write it? When I looked down at the paper, I saw square and rhombus characters I’d never seen before, but I somehow understood the meaning of them. Self-introduction stuff like name, gender, race, age, and things like that. I didn’t know why I could understand those characters, but I couldn’t write them.



“What is it? Aren’t you going to fill it out?”

“I can read the letters…but I can’t write it”

“Eh? You can’t write, Duke?”

Too loud. Keep it down will you, it’s embarrassing.


When I give a slight nod, Sisty sighs.

“Lets go to that table over there.”

“Ah, alright.”

We moved to the table.


Sisty wrote for me with a feather pen dipped in ink. As I thought, it still looked like a bunch of squares to me.

“Ah, hey, stupid! My gender is male! Don’t try to circle female!” (PR: Gender spectrum advocates, TRIGGERED)

“So you really can read the letters.”

Did you just test me? This malicious woman.


While doing so, Sisty wrote my answers as I told her. My race is demon, but if I were to say that, I’d be the subject of subjugation from all the surrounding adventurers, so of course I said I’m a human.


“So, what’s your preferred weapon?”

“Punching and kicking”

“I want to say that you’re joking, but considering that time you crushed the goblins nest it’s clearly not a joke. Are you really better at punching than with a sword?”

I can’t use a sword at all, so after this I’ll try using a greatsword”


A dagger like Sisty’s would also have worked, and it would be easy enough to walk around with, but I wanted to try something different. I felt that a greatsword would be able to make better use of a Dullahan’s power. Rather then cutting, it’s geared more for knocking down with its weight and power. I didn’t really have much of a worry for money, so I’d wait until I accumulated a bit more before buying one at a weapon shop.


“Okay then, I’ll write down hand-to-hand combat and a greatsword.”

As she was writing, Sisty’s hand suddenly stopped with the pen making a crisp sound.

“What happened?”


“…..Party registration.”

“Oh, as in partners working together?”

It’s a common guild policy after all. They make it easier to form party since you are already filling out an official form. Probably trying to make it easier for newcomers to form one by having them call it out.


“Let’s form a party!”

While I was thinking, Sisty leaned over to me and spoke.




Sisty puffed out her cheeks, clearly showing her disapproval at my hesitation. Sisty was a gentle and knowledgeable girl. She carefully taught me, who did not know anything of this world, after just meeting me. Even if it was simple common sense, it would have been troublesome to be unaware of it. If I had not met Sisty, I would not have worn a helmet. I’d also have been stuck observing that village forever and living in that devil forest like the demon I am. Even though it was never intended, I did gain an appreciation for Sisty.

If possible, I would like to repay you….


“Your magic doesn’t hit”

That’s right, this mage’s magic wouldn’t hit its targets. Though I could certainly be a sturdy vanguard, having a mage watch my back would be reassuring. But…that mage was always aiming at the back of a friend. How was I supposed to feel at ease?


“What! Did you not see the fight with the Black Wolves!? I did great!”

Sisty slammed her hands down on the table while shouting.

“No, wasn’t I watching you? I heard and saw it. I was there! That’s why I’m saying, wasn’t that lighting attack something that happened by chance? ‘….ah, watch out!’ Wasn’t that something you said when you launched that attack on the Black Wolf? How can I leave my back to such a mage!?”

“No, isn’t it a good thing!? Even if you get hit by my magic you come out completely fine, don’t you, Duke!?”

“Hey! This woman, do you really think it’s fine to hit me with magic because I’m sturdy?”


This woman, she’s really trying to argue.

“But! Didn’t you receive a direct hit from my full-powered fireball and come out just fine?”

“Hey, did you really launch a full-powered fireball at me?”

“….Eh, no, it wasn’t that full-powered.”


Sisty diverted her eyes. I snatched the form with everything completed, other than the party section, and walked up to the counter.

“Please wait! I will be useful! I feel like I can do any quest as long as Duke’s there!”


Then, Sisty caught my cloak with teary eyes. I remembered seeing this situation somewhere before. It was the opposite of when Sisty and I met.


“Let go! Don’t pull on my cloak! If you pull anymore I’ll kick you! The adventurers are watching us!”

Feeling like I owed her a debt, I couldn’t flatly dismiss Sisty after all, and we continued on like this. The gazes of the surrounding adventurers hurt too. The situation looked like a man trying to abandon a girl.

Guess there’s no other way. I’m sure even Sisty will gain control someday. You could improve if you practice enough.

If she did, then she would be an excellent mage. When it finally reached that time, I could safely step back and not have to fight.

Fine. I’m a Dullahan. I can endure Sisty’s magic.


Yes, this was an investment for my future! Please let this wish come true!




ED Note: Hey all, Archon here. I’ve taken it upon myself to edit this mess because I love this novel and wanted to read more of it, sooner… And in doing so, I’ve changed a lot of grammar issues and corrected tense-swapping. Hopefully it’s still as, or more, enjoyable.

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