Ch. 9 Finishing the Request and Departure

After that, me and Sisty chased after the goblins that ran away.

Following after the footprints of the escaping goblins we were able to reach the goblins nest. Because the magician in the back is adept at friendly fire, I plunged in alone.

Rather than slashing, there were more strikes involving punches and kicks in the end, but that doesn’t really matter.

It’s troublesome to try and hit a goblin-sized opponent with a dagger when you are much taller than them. I may seem muscle brained but it is easier to punch and kick with these goblins as opponents. Although we once let the goblins escape, this time they were defeated without a problem.

We cut off the ears of the goblins as proof of subjugation, just to be sure we also continued to search the forest for more goblins till sunset, then made our way back.

“Duke is amazing. With just a dagger he split a goblin in two, he also has the strength to kick a goblin-like a ball, and he also has enough power to pass through the devils’ forest.”

“That’s because most of my power comes from my defensive strength”

Sisty averted her gaze. Did she remember the previous case of friendly fire?

Wait, did that come off as sarcasm?

“Hey is your body okay? Do you want me to treat you with recovery magic? Or would it be better to leave it to the saints at the temple shrine after all.”

It must be an indispensable magic for you who friendly fires.

So there are saints in this world.

So it must be like that right? The temple saint that boasts special powers, able to use amazing recovery and purification magic, it must be a beautiful sight right?

While I was thinking that Sisty muttered an incantation and came closer as her hands began to glow in a pale jade colour.

“Stop! That’s it! Withdraw that detestable magic!”

When that jade coloured light was getting closer goosebumps stood up all over me and a shiver ran up my spine all the way to my throat.

I got the same feeling as the time when I approached the lake in the devil forest. Seeing that I denied recovery magic in such a panic, Sisty looks at me with a strange face.

“What? Isn’t this just a heal spell? If you’re not an undead then there’s nothing to be afraid of now is there?”

So that’s it. Since I’m an undead Dullahan I will receive damage if I were to receive recovery magic! How expected.

“Because my armour is special, some attacks and magic don’t work, so recovery magic isn’t needed, I have already received your heartfelt thoughts!”

This conversation was repeated a few times before we got to the village.


After returning to the village we reported the destruction of a goblin nest to the elderly village chief.

Although the old man was surprised we encountered a goblins nest, we managed to calm him down after we informed him that we already pursued the fleeing goblins and searched the area for any escapees.

When I handed over the ear of 14 goblins as proof of subjugation, he seemed to be very satisfied.

As promised, that old man allowed me to keep this helmet and said that I could carry a set of equipment other than the helmet, but I refrained as I cannot change my clothes.

We also received some money since the contents of the request and the reward were not balanced. A total of 20 thousand curls of round silver and copper coins. It seems in this world coins are referred to as curls. Even though some of the profit was withheld due to the helmet, Sisty said that it was a considerable amount for a country village.

I can’t say anything because I don’t know the economy and prices of this world, but as far as the village goes, the atmosphere does not seem bad and their economic situation seems pretty good.

There wouldn’t be any hope if this was a dark world to live in.

There are demons and monsters which threaten the human race, but it seems that adventurers are contributing by circulating money by hunting and selling what they manage to catch or kill. Because a wide range of weapons and armour use materials unique to monsters, from clothes to food, the human race has managed to become strong. After finishing the request I was at the old village chiefs home.

By the way, Sisty is happily staying at the house of a village girl she got along well with. I also wanted to go there if possible.

A nice grandmother showed me around the house and guided me into the room. The old man’s house was a bit better than other houses, a drawing room, large warehouse, and a guest room for someone to stay at was prepared. It seems that this village occasionally welcomes merchants looking to sell, villagers travelling from around, peddlers, the injured, adventurers and so on.

In the room there was plain bedding, a desk and chair, carpet, a shelf, the minimum of necessary furniture was arranged. It isn’t a cold and rugged cave, but a neat living space. I was relieved that I could spend time in a safe place, I rolled into bed and let out a breath.

“Ha, my mind is settling down.”

Since my body was heavy the bed made some creaking noises. I was worried that it might break, but it seems that it is actually quite durable. Every time I move it makes a lot of noise however….

Even if laying down like this was the influence from when I was human, it’s still nice. Although the quality of the futon isn’t as good, it can’t be helped. Just having a calm place is enough.

While I was leisurely laying down, I heard the sound of dishes, ah, I remembered one problem.

The meal.

My head is covered by this helmet to cover up that I’m a dullahan, so of course I cant eat meals. There isn’t a mouth so where would I eat from? I’m fine without eating anyway.

However, not eating when you are already served will cause doubt. Something like, ‘Even though you are indoors you still wear a helmet? and why don’t you take off that armour?’ That would worry them of injuries that I may be hiding. If I were to say something like not wanting them to see something or that I won’t take it off will make them stop questioning right? They probably won’t pry too much. There is nothing I can do about it until dawn emerged as I was seated and waiting for the call of ‘Do you want to eat?’

Should I make it out as it being a principle that I don’t eat the cuisine of others? I will feel bad. It comes off as me being some kind of royalty who is worried about cleanliness or poison.

Maybe, I can not eat because of religious reasons….it seems reasonable enough, but it will still be strange that I can’t eat at all. Or maybe, I can’t show my face to others due to religion, so I would like to eat alone.

No, that seems more like something only women can get away with.

There seem to be countless religions in this world so it will be possible in that respect.

Maybe, I don’t want to show it because my face is disfigured from injury. Let’s say that I just want to eat alone. I’m afraid that I’ll come off a little cold but it can’t be helped. Well, in this case, it’s not much of a problem since its only one night.

“Duke, do you want some supper?”

The grandmothers’ voice is heard as she knocks, making me get up in a hurry.

“No, I just ate in the forest so I am fine for now.”

It will be easy to play it off like this. Even Sisty said she got hungry on the way back and started eating bread and some fruit from a tree along the way.

“Are you sure? You’re not holding back, are you? Since Duke is big you have to eat a lot more don’t you?”

“Well then can you prepare some bread? I will eat it later.”


When I said so the grandmother was seemingly satisfied with the answer and left. Really, a countryside grandmother is a strong opponent.

I don’t need the bread, so I’ll give it to Sisty tomorrow or feed it to a bird.

Later on, the old man came to check up on me to see if I was actually in a bad condition. I managed to deceive him and lay in bed.

Living with other humans, I’ve come to know more about this world, but living with others is difficult.

Dawn finally arrived as the sky turned white, so I left the house.

When I opened the door, fresh air stroked my armour as the door squeaked open.

A cold wind in the morning feels good.

Even now that I’m a Dullahan, my sense of touch is functioning properly. It feels somewhat dull compared to human skin but it doesn’t matter. After a brief stretch, I started to walk.

There doesn’t seem to be any outside light in this village, and the villagers follow the concept of ‘early to bed early to rise’.

However, in the room of the old man’s house, there was a magical tool that emits light if magical power is applied to it. I know the convenience of electricity but this still surprised me. At first, I had doubts about whether I could use it or not. I had thought that maybe I won’t be able to even properly use magic, but in this world, everyone has a little magic, even if it’s only enough to use magical tools.

Being able to use magic as well as Sisty also seems to be quite difficult.

I thought that magic could easily be used, but it’s disappointing.

In the royal capital, many such magical tools are used, and it is said that they even have the lights on at night.

Mhmm, its something you would expect from a fantasy place.

While I was steadily moving by, the villagers who usually got up early in the morning were heading out their doors. The people seen ranged from those carrying a bucket to fetch some water from the well, to those headed to the fields with their tools.

Everyone from children to adults seems to start their day energetically.

Judging from the style, cuisine and buildings of the villagers, the civilization of this world seems to be about medieval Europe.

Because there are many magical tools in the kingdom, it seems that life here may be convenient.

As I was walking around the village for a while, I caught the sight of Sisty. As ever, the ponytail and the cool eyes bluer than the sky. I rubbed my eyes a little sleepily, but she came over to my side after a few steps.

“Good morning Duke”

A dignified voice echoed out like the rolling of a bell.

I saw the girl wizards dignified appearance after I rubbed my eyes. Although, as a wizard, she is clumsy with trash magic ability who can’t even fire a straight fireball. It is a shame though as she is beautiful and quite excellent.

“……Good morning Sisty”

“I feel that something cruel was being thought of while greeting me. Along with a pitiful atmosphere….it’s only my imagination right?”

“Ah, well, Sisty, today we are going to the kingdom capital by tagging along in a merchants carriage, so want to join me?”

“Don’t obviously change the subject! Please look at me straight when you’re giving me an answer!”

Sisty’s ponytail moves energetically as she protests compared to earlier. While putting off the question I headed for the plaza where the merchants’ carriage would be waiting.

People who seemed to be merchants were packing their luggage in a carriage while we headed for the plaza. The old man and grandma were talking to one of the merchants.

Sure enough, it was the same old man we met when we first got into [Poda] village, he’s currently negotiating a trip for us. Instead of paying the fees, we have to fight if any monsters show up, but that’s a pretty cheap price.

“Oh, you came? these guys are the ones who got rid of the goblins nest in the blink of an eye yesterday?”

The merchant says after negotiating with the old man. Well, I was the one who did all of it though. Speaking of Sisty, she did defeat one goblin with a fireball, but that was due to missing me by accident. Although the person in question says that it was intended, it’s doubtful.

“Yeah, it certainly looks like they are competent. The robust vanguard with its full body armour, and the blue haired girl is certainly a magician who looks competent enough.”

Well, I don’t know about Sisty.

“I know what you’re thinking Duke. Remember this for later, my power isn’t that kind of thing.”

Sisty says in a loud voice while scowling, I wonder if my voice leaked out.

“So what I need to remember later, is it that you could pierce my back with magic?”


“Anyway, both of you need to work together to defeat any monsters that come out alright? Don’t fight amongst yourselves now, alright?”

“……we’ll do our best.”

Next time, Sisty rampages?

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