Hello, I’ve decided to maybe translate another novel along with this one so that I keep myself preoccupied. Just so you know, I am still translating this novel and plan to finish it as I do like the story. Whatever novel I take up will be for my sake to keep me occupied and focused. Yeah that sounds like a weird way to keep focused on doing the same thing but its what works for me. Anyway, if you have any suggestions feel free to either comment or by sending me a message either through email or twitter. Oh and please keep in mind that I can only do JP novels as I’m not very great with the other languages. Also, I added a timer which you could find on the status page, so check that out, I usually post around 5:30pm my time which is indicated by the timer for your reference. Well, enough of that, here’s the next chapter, Enjoy. (Some of this functionality no longer exists since the site move.)