Ch. 114 Beastman Nina

So what should I do? I have to somehow convey that im not hostile in less than a minute. If I turn back into a dragon now then I would have transformed into a human for nothing.

Oh, maybe, should I dance? Maybe doing a dance will appeal to her. But, if I dance for a whole minute it won’t feel right. She’ll probably think it was some kind of curse or something.



Listening to my hoarse voice, Nina shudders and her body trembles.

Oh, its no use, even my voice is no good.

I lightly poke my throat. Please work my vocal cords, ill depend on you, im counting on you.

But, I really don’t have much time. Three minutes, is really short. But, if I had three more minutes I could do something about it. If this keeps up I will turn back into a dragon without having accomplished anything. It’s painful being deprived of your voice as appearance doesn’t really make much of a difference at this point.

Anyway, just think of what I want to say for now.

Even if I say I came to help, I won’t be able to trust it if I look like this. Seeing my body, I feel like I’m some sort of devil. In normal circumstances I should not be the type to help people. I look more like someone who would laugh while eating humans.

I need to say something to make up for this appearance…Something like, actually, im a human being like you? No, it sounds suspicious. I will definitely run away if a monster approaches while saying such a thing.

It needs to be brief and it has to convince her right now…that is unreasonable.

While I’m thinking my MP is slowly decreasing. Anyway, I just have to say what I honestly mean to convey without hesitation. There is no longer any time to think.

“Vu~o, me, monster, Ua, a, turn, human, original”

Okay, good.

I tried to put it together forcibly, but it instead might have been taken as a misunderstanding from the flow of it. But, I did not tell a lie. When I think about it, in this world there might not even be a word such as human being. It’s a small worry, yeah.


Nina looked at me with fearful eyes and blinked twice.

“Uh, lets see, in the past…was there a human being?” (Nina)

“its so”

Its good, this is good. I’ll be able to overcome this if it’s like this.

“I! Not dangerous. Safe place. I take you to place. Where live…”

I feel that my body is starting to grow a little. At the same time, a fierce sense of fatigue attacks my body.

Oh, are the three minutes up already? At least let me finish! Status, status check!

Species: Evil Plague Dragon
State: Normal
Lv: 22/75
HP: 130/260
MP: 4/199

Wow, it already reached the time limit. Just a bit more, at least let me have ten more seconds! At least tell me where it is I should take you!

To try to keep my human figure even for a little bit longer, I imagen squeezing out magical power from my body. [[Auto MP Recovery]], if I had that, then maybe I could keep my human form longer….

[Normal Skill [[Human Transformation Technique]] Lv increased from 3 to 4]

That’s not what I wanted! Even if the skill Lv goes up now it doesn’t matter!

But I’m a little happy!

With skill Lv 4, I would actually feel more like a human soon wont I?

But, even if the skill Lv goes up, my problem hasn’t been solved. My body is still expanding. Also, since my MP is almost drained, my body feels heavy. My consciousness is in danger, my head is a little dizzy.

My skin started to get harder and harder, and my fangs and nails started to grow. I’ll be back to my original form in no time.


Nina looks up at me who turned into a dragon and opens her eyes wide while edging back.

Seems that she was unable to remain standing due to fatigue, so she sat down in place.

Even if I didn’t scare you that far, will I still be able to recover?

Everything I said was as a demon, before I changed back. Although, I never did mention I was a dragon.

In order to appeal my non-hostility, I lay my belly on the ground and lower my head bowing down.

Fortunately, after my actions, the ball rabbit who was watching our exchange from a distance approached me in a joyful manner. It climbed on top of my head, fixed its position and let out a small “pefuu”…as if relieved. It seems that the wariness it had of me a while ago due to my form, has worn off after having watched me.

But, the humanization has now run out?

Since it’s already like this, I have to somehow persuade her with hand gestures or some kind of gesture. This desert is too dangerous for Nina to walk alone, she won’t even be able to beat the leopard.

“Guar, GuA…”

I call out to Nina, but there is no response. I thought it was strange so I approached and stretched my neck.

….This girl, did she lose consciousness due to fear? Was it really that shocking that I suddenly became a dragon?….

Because, my MP became empty I am also in danger of losing consciousness. An intense sleepiness and feeling of exhaustion attacks my body. My body is strangely heavy. The next time I use [[Human Transformation Technique]] I should be more careful, even if I feel I am able to hold out.

I fell asleep slowly while feeling the ball rabbit lying on top of my head.

Ch. 113
Ch. 113
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Ch. 115

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