Ch. 123 Ball Rabbit vs Camel


I shout while running in the desert, tapping the body of the three headed Motarikemeru (Dota reference?) lightly with my nails.


The three headed camel rolled while bleeding from its chest and ran into a small sandy hill burying its body. It shouldn’t have died since I did it lightly, but it seems that its hind legs are shaking about.

I turn around and call out to the ball rabbit with a “gaa”.

I have to raise the level of the ball rabbit. If it ever gets dangerous I’ll need it to dig me a house.

The ball rabbit jumps out of Nina’s arm and gets on my tail. I have it go to the base and hold on with its ears so it doesn’t fall.

“Nya? Whats going on…?

Nina thinks it’s strange, but I’m doing this since my MP has already recovered. I extend my tail towards the camel and the ball rabbit jumps off, and approaches the prey.

This is what is called power leveling, I was disgusted at myself at first but I’ve gradually become used to it. I had to do this for it to grow, did you think it will be fast enough if I didn’t do this, did I awaken to a battle maniac or did my will just break?


Two fireballs are shot out from the ball rabbit. This is its skill [[Light]]. I think the fireball is bigger than before. Well, when I think about it, it only could shoot out one before. This is probably from the skill being Lv2 right? I’ll have to check the ball rabbits status again when this is over.

A fireball shoots out from the ball rabbit and attacks the three headed camel. As expected, the difference in combat capabilities is large so it doesn’t seem to have received much damage from that. But the three headed camel can’t move much so there’s no need to be impatient.

After the ball rabbit shot out a few more fireballs to the point of emptying its MP, it closed the distance to the three headed camel. I guess it decided to enter into a melee combat.

The ball rabbit lifts one of its ears and enters the range to one of the three-headed camels heads. As if it was waiting for it, the three headed camel stood up with shaking legs. I think the three headed camel tired to make us relax our guard, because it looks like it’s more injured than it should be.



When the ball rabbit noticed, it quickly hits the ground with its ear and jumps backward. But, it’s too late, it can’t be avoided at this point.

When the middle head opened its mouth a thin stream of water shoots out from it aiming straight for the ball rabbit.

Such a cute name such as water gun doesn’t suit it. It’s like a water laser, it has enough power to crush the surface of a tree.

The ball rabbit uses its ears to cover its face. It’s like a defensive response to fear. Closing your eyes now wont change anything in this match.

I put my hand in front of the ball rabbit and block the water stream. The water scattered with a splatter after hitting the back of my hand.

The ball rabbit pulls in its ears fearfully, and looks down while looking at the scene unfolding.

I move my arm towards the three headed camel as its moving its head back and deeply pierce its body with my nails. The meat pieces scatter as the three headed camel unceremoniously collapsed.

[32 experience points acquired]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 32 bonus experience points acquired]

I got some experience points at least. You can see how much it affected the ball rabbit, but it got impatient.

The scary part about power leveling is that the ball rabbit could die if the monster counterattacks. Sorry about interfering but I had to. That water stream could have ended badly if I wasn’t there to block it.

It seems that gaining experience will be tough unless the opponent is completely paralyzed. The ball rabbit tried to avoid an attack with all its power, so I guess it counts for battle experience. I wonder if something like that will also raise its level.

Still though, what was that skill called? [[Aqua]]? It shot out water from its mouth magically? If that’s so, I should tie it down and make it into a water camel tap. Life here would be much easier with that. Should I try it next time?

The ball rabbit looks at me as if it wants to tell me something after turning its eyes towards the three headed camel that I took out with a single blow. What is it ball rabbit, you can go eat some meat if you want. You should be happier. I don’t want to eat the heads, and I don’t think Nina will either so you can have them all.

When I looked at the ball rabbit when I was thinking that, it started hitting my feet with its ears. Maybe it was angry because of the frightening battle it just had.

Im sure that this kind of fight was necessary!

I don’t know how long we’ll be together, but if I leave you as is in the wild, then you’ll be killed by a monster someday!

Actually it seems as though it’s angry for a different reason…..

Well, for now let’s check your status.

Species: Ball Rabbit
State: Normal
Lv: 12/12(MAX)
HP: 39/45
MP: 2/32
Attack: 20
Defense: 24
Magic: 33
Speed: 27
Rank: E-

Characteristic Skills:
[[Concealment: Lv1]] [[Food Regeneration: Lv3]]

Resistant Skills:
[[Hunger Resistance: Lv4]] [[Poison Resistance: Lv1]]
[[Overeating Resistance: Lv2]]

Normal Skills:
[[Dig: Lv2]] [[Light: Lv3]] [[Playing Dead: Lv1]]
[[Wild Whip Dance: Lv5]] [[Swallow: Lv1]] [[Internal Storage Space: Lv1]]
[[Charm: Lv1]] [[Shred: Lv1]] [[Rest: Lv1]]

Title Skills:
[[Idol of the Desert: Lv2]] [[Kin Eater: Lv1]] [[Lv Up Parasite: Lv3]]
[[Big Eater: Lv4]]

Oh, it’s Lv is already at max!

It should evolve after eating one more meal.

Some of its skill Lv’s also went up since the last time I checked. I guess it went hunting on its own when I wasn’t looking. Leaving Nina alone.

The skill [[Light]] went from Lv2 to 3. Well, that should have been obvious seen as it was shooting out two at a time, and they were bigger than before.

[[Rest]] also rose up a Lv from 1 to 2. Recovery magic is important, so please keep it up ball rabbit.

The [[Wild Whip Dance]] also rose from Lv 3 to 5…Oh, yeah, its always “pechipeching” me.

Well, I hope that you were doing it to train.

Among the skills that leveled up there was also [[Big Eater]] and [[Overeating Resistance]]. That’s to be expected I guess as it always eats with vigor.

I wonder if I should reduce its meals.

When pigs are served, they eat as much as they are served because they can’t get the food as steadily in nature, and because of this they try to pack in as much as possible. So if you eat every time till you’re satisfied, you might break your body. So is it really better to limit its food?

Resistance to overeating is essential I guess if it wants its body to grow.

Well for now how should I separate the portions for me and Nina?

I might be up for eating a head. I wonder what the camel tastes like? I’m looking forward to it.

When I nod to myself, my eyes focused on the ball rabbit as it started sniffing around strangely.

What are you thinking? Are you able to tell what I’m thinking?


“fa…..fa, he, hefushi!”

A small amount of saliva flies out of the mouth of the ball rabbit. Certainly, there was saliva before at times…..

I hastily confirm its status, but there’s no abnormality in its state.

It’s strange.

I don’t think this was due to the natural gases around.

Could this be because of my dragon scale powder.

Ch. 122
Ch. 122
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Ch. 124

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