Ch. 133 One to Eight

“This good? I will go around him to his back, stay outside the range of its dragon breath! Fire arrows at it in the meantime!”

The Hagen guy with the spear shouts out to the rest of his comrades.

I’m sorry.

If you shout your orders that loudly it’s a bit…because I can understand them.

Its troubling, but I will only pretend to attack as you said just to be cautious.

As Hagen declared, he made the horse jump left before entering attack range. Then he made his way to the back of my tail to surround me.

“Run Maria! Let’s play with that slow-footed dragon!”

I was wondering who that was for a moment, surely that horse is named Maria. The black large horse Maria responds to his wishes and accelerates at once.

I tilt my body to extend my arms and push my nails into the tail of Maria who tried to run through the left side and fix it to the ground like a nail. The tail stretches tightly and Maria stops suddenly.


Maria nights with a shrill voice.

Hagen was mightily thrown off in accordance with the law of inertia and flew away in a beautiful parabola.

Hagen’s scream is interrupted by a collision sound with the ground.

Death…he shouldn’t have died, his HP was close to 100.

Isn’t he fine?

[[Hagen Baumann]]
Species: Earth Huma
State: Bloodshed
Lv: 22/45
HP: 32/82
MP: 68/68

Alright he’s alive.

He’s pretty solid.

I guess it’s okay to leave him there.

When I pull my nail out of the ground, Maria is released running at full power.

“Hey, Mari….a, Hey hey….”

Hagen stretched out his hand recklessly, groaning.

All of this took place in full view of the other seven.

When they looked at Hagen, one of them cried out and ran away. The other six scold the man who ran away, and glanced at each other, then return their gaze towards me, setting up their respective weapons.

Four people hold a bow and two of them pull out a sword, the two with a sword  jump forward and split to the left and right.

I’m worried they will hit Nina. They may very well aim at Nina to get a chance at me.

“What is that beast?”

“Evil plague dragons have been known to eat humans alive, at least that’s what Ive heard in poems in my expeditions to other villages.”

Two men holding a bow talk about something disturbing while staring at me. Wait a minute my reputation will be tremendously damaged.

Well, I guess it can’t be helped since I’m a dragon. No, wait, won’t the possibility of them aiming for Nina decrease because of this? But somehow i’m not feeling convinced.

I flick the arrows one by one with my nails. Maybe believing that my hands were preoccupied at the moment as an opportunity, the two who were divided on the left and right come closer with a dash.

I move my tail around and tie down the horse’s feet where the two were riding on top of.

“Gaa!” “Uwaa!”

The scream of the falling men was unexpectedly loud, and I was taken aback for a moment. In a hurry I returned my head back around but the arrow that was launched at my blind spot came just before my leg.

I blundered.

Since its already this close I can’t avoid it.

The tip of the arrow reflects the light of the sun. Is it wet with something black? It can’t be a drink or paint. There’s no doubt that it’s poison.

I guess they really did come searching for me all the the way out here. They probably heard about a dragon being seen in the desert from the owner of that carriage that was carrying Nina.

I had been confident that their status was too low for me, but have you prepared a special poison that could even kill a dragon?

I had forgotten that a human’s true nature was being skillful, somewhere, I might have been careless. I should have been more careful because it was a human. It is a race that makes cities using wisdom, ingenuity and technology in this desert full of demons. Even though they should have proper measures against those demons.

The arrow hits my foot…..stabbing, and it fell directly to the ground as is.

What, there is not even a hint of injury….

Even though I did not prevent it with my nail. If it was the needle camels needle, it would have penetrated normally. But it’s better that I don’t have to pull out the arrows.

The four people in the front stopped their movement staring at the arrow shocked. There is no expression on their face. This is a chance to make them go home if I threaten them now.


I turned to face the sky and used [[Roar]].

The bow dropped out of the hands of one of the four who set up the poison, and he turned around running.

Alright, with this they should retreat soon.


The remaining three shouted and shot without aiming. Hey, stop it, if you hit Nina I will get angry with you.


Thoughts suddenly come into my head.

Is this [[Telepathy]]?

I thought that it was directed at me, but it looks like the other three also heard [[Telepathy]], when they received it they stopped their hands from shooting while staring fiercely at my face and grinding their teeth.

No, this isn’t me.

What, is there a demon here or something?

「Let’s not continue alright? Or I will tear you apart like a piece of cloth from the arms and legs, and tear out your intestines and slurp them up」

Immediately afterwards, the three people turn around and left as they cried out and screamed.

No, it actually looks like the horses ran away before the riders could think.

Their positions collapsed and now their clinging awkwardly onto the horses, is that really okay?

The two who had fallen over besides me leapt on their horse and ran away.

Hagen’s beloved Maria fled and ran away earlier. I think that it’s quite a distance until they could reach the walled city…but good luck.

I pray that he join with Maria soon, though I’m the one who separated them.

The sandy mountain at my feet collapses and the ball rabbit looks out.


…You, have been active today with [[Telepathy]].

No, I guess I should be proud of this fact….but I somehow have a complicated feeling.

Sure I was saved but…don’t you think that the strange rumors will increase?

[Title Skill [[Spirit Relief]] Lv increased from 6 to 7]]

Have I been overlooking [[Spirit Relief]]….

I think right now, my highest level in a skill is [[Spirit Relief]] right?

[[Spirit Relief: Lv7]] …Lv7 only in this, the next highest is [[Path of Evil: Lv6]]?

I don’t want it to go up, but looks like it can’t be helped as long as I keep living.

Besides [[Roll: Lv6]], and [[Loneliness Resistance: Lv6]]..after that, it’s all Lv 5’s?

So in the next evolution, I’m either going to become a rolling dragon or a lonely dragon?

Ch. 132
Ch. 132
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Ch. 134

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  1. Im holding my sides from laugther. And now. will irushia become a ascended plague dragon? or a will the theme be that death brings relief? and so he becomes a dragon of the river of souls

  2. Welp, it seems MC’s half-hearted attitude was kinda warranted considering how weak they were (was one of them the captain guy who was framed by the super corrupt church and was gonna be sent on a suicide mission due to “hero” Irushia being a petty prick?). MC should put Nina through some spartan (or at least regular) training so he doesn’t have to worry about her ability to live if they separate for whatever reasons.

  3. Okay the bunny has got to get a title for routing a superior military force through nothing but bluffing while simultaneously saving eight humans from a calamity dragon.

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