Ch. 141 Ant Extermination

I withstand the pain I received from the stone pellets and pull back my shoulder to straighten my posture.

Don’t be impatient, me.

Now, with the use of both [[Clay]] and [[Clay Gun]], the two red ants should have depleted most of their MP. There should also not be enough left for [[Self Regeneration]] either.

Right now it’s balanced as a two on one, but if I were to crush one of them, then that would decide who wins and who loses.

“Kucha!” “Kucha!”

The red ants that were lined up started running and were divided like before. Even though the formation was dealt with the last time, they are coming at me the same way.

Do you really think something that was useless before would work this time? Or is this just the basic strategy for all red ants? If even one of them gets done in, then they have no measures they can take to cope with it as a decoy is necessary for it.

Anyway, if I press them for an answer now it will be awkward, especially if one of them gets taken out in the process and their formations become useless.

How are these ants rank C?

If it was it would be as if that Little Rock Dragon was split in two. Everything has to go through hell in this desert it seems.

I concentrate on the red ant in the front. For now taking out this guy is my first priority. I will win if I can defeat it.

I swing my tail sideways and strike the red ants face.


The red ant stretched its mouth to the limit and clamped on my tail. Just as planned. Rather than hitting it with my tail, I was waiting for this to happen. That way I can keep a hold on it.

I lift my tail and hold the red ant in the air as I squeeze the neck and the middle part of its abdomen where its narrow.


The red ant isn’t able to endure the pain caused by my nails and loosens its hold on my tail. I did not let go and kept it still as I bit into its neck.

“Gujiya!” “Gujiyaa!”

The red ant groans and moves its feet while struggling.

It really is tough.

However, it should have received plenty of damage, I’ll kill it as it is.

Seen its comrade in a difficult situation, the other red ant comes rushing in. It rushed around to my left side and jumped onto my side.

This place is narrow so there was no way to avoid it. Even if I were to move backwards I had no way of avoiding it in the first place. If this were the usual circumstance I would have thrown away the red ant I was gripping and then focus on defending the attack from the second one.

However, if I did that this would never end.

I will have to just withstand a little damage. Even if the two begin to continually bite me, I will be fine as long as they do it recklessly.

It’s possible to bear it.

I ignore the second ant that comes at me from the side and attack the neck of the captured red ant again. My fangs splendidly bite into the neck of the red ant. I can tear it apart like this.

The second red ant seemed to be surprised that it was ignored that it stopped moving for a second. The eyes of the red ant that should be plain seemed strangely emotional, and it also seemed that it was asking me, “What, are you serious?”


It’s painful, even though it’s painful I still have plenty of HP. After finishing off the first red ant, I’ll slowly beat down the second one and defeat it.

I grind my teeth to bear the pain. It’s fortunate that my teeth are crunching into the body of the red ant. From where my fangs are piercing, a slimy transparent liquid flows out. It looks more like its leaking, after all the fluid is transparent.

Actually, since ants have spiracle joints, from which oxygen is taken in and delivered around the body, red blood cells aren’t necessary. Therefore, the body fluid is a transparent color.

I don’t remember where I heard it but I can vaguely recall it in my mind. I feel like I received a great lecture on it but…maybe one of my acquaintances liked insects.

I firmly clamp down onto the red ant I’m biting and grip the red ant with my claws.

Tear to shreds! Tear to shreds!

It’s about time you die!


The red ant lets out a scream as it flails around.


Its feet finally stop moving.

Yeah, I did it!

[432 experience points obtained.]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 432 bonus points received.]
[[[Evil Plague Dragon]]’s Lv increased from 36 to 39.]


The amount of experience was amazing! Truly a C rank!

My max Lv is 75 so I’m already over halfway there.

Oh, it’s not the time to be celebrating.

I still have to take care of the guy biting me on my belly. I drop the dead ant to the ground and pierce my nails into the back of the red ant biting my abdomen.

I aim at the gaps of its mouth and gripped it while I use [[Roll]] and turn three times before releasing the red ant launching it forward.


The thrown red ant hits its back against the ceiling and falls on the floor. I use [[Roll]] again and mercilessly run over the red ants lying on the floor.


Letting out a short scream, the second red ant finally collapses.

[432 experience points obtained.]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 432 bonus point obtained.]
[[[Evil Plague Dragon]]’s Lv increased from 39 to 42.]

I release [[Roll]] and get up.

Fuu….I managed to win, but the damage on my stomach is pretty rough.

[Characteristic Skill [[Dragon Scales]] Lv increased from 4 to 5.]

Ah, that also went up…..


The ball rabbit came close and used [[Rest]] on my back.

It didn’t work that well on my back as it was quite damaged, but the wounds on my belly started to heal quite nicely after the three rounds.

Thank you ball rabbit.

But please leave some MP for [[Telepathy]].


I’ll have the ball rabbit clean me up with [[Clean]] and then use recovery magic with [[Rest]]. After that, it could carry Nina using [[Internal Storage]]. I thought the ball rabbit was nothing but a snack at first, but it is surprisingly capable.

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  1. I thought it was weird when Ball took a big gulp of air (I thought, “what, are you going to compress it in your body and turn it into some kind of air cannon?”) but instead Ball was showing that it can choose to “store” things it “eats,” so let’s hope noone into getting eaten goes near Ball. Nina will probably feel uncomfortable entering Ball’s mouth and storage space (although its mouth is on average probably cleaner than MC’s since it has clean) but its an experience barely anyone (hopefully) has experienced before (at least willingly, hopefully). Now I wonder if MC will think of the possibility of these very tough passages being made by the ants (natural digging while reinforcing with Clay skill, especially stronger ones), and thus this is probably just the outermost part of the nest. This means that 1, there is gonna be alot of experience if MC works hard for it (many ants, with many being stronger, more evolved, and able tot execute more strategies with more ants), 2, the ant nest is probably close to a water source (most likely underground as on the small chance there are oasis above, they are almost certainly occupied with regular bloodshed), and 3. MC is going to have to be vigilant and stealthy unless he wants to risk the whole colony going after him (though if he manages, this is a perfect place since it has a stable underground temp away from sun, water close, can go outside through entrance to hunt lower level creatures for exp and food for Nina and Ball, while MC hunts ants for exp and unlikely food due to MC being a bit picky/squeamish for gross things). Also, there is bound to be a queen in the most fortified postition, and itself is likely to be B-rank, or even A. All this under the assumption, of course, that this is in fact a nest (whether some parts were there before and ants expanded on them is unknown) instead of just a scouting party that entered by chance.

  2. I feel like they kind of undersell how badass Irushia is. His personality is a bit wimpy, but in a fight he’s all sorts of awesome. His character when fighting has also undergone change since the beginning, he’s gotten much calmer and more analytical.

    • A. I 100% agree with you.
      B. I also think it’s kind of weird that the stage he is in (Adolescent Plague Dragon i recall?) is already regarded as a living disaster but he still has a vaguely hard time (at least enough for 2 chapters) with some random ants…

      • You have ti remmeber hid pls yu guess breath f o reads form one victim to infinite because it’s a disease. And he csn so read it from his scales if he wanted to.

        He could probably fly over the forest and spread his plague and everything would die and he would level like crazy.

  3. Thx for the chapter o/
    I am kind curious what other series you thought was good~~ but i will wait until you translate it
    Good chapter, he won a bunch of experience and finally will keep moving in the tunnel. I just hope it’s not ant’s and more ant’s…

  4. The experience point system gave the dragon the same number of points for an ant kill at level 36 as it did at level 39. That was 432 points of experience per ant. Either the author made a basic mistake or exp points awarded from a kill is the same for the MC at all levels with only the cutoff point for the monster kill being too low a threat rank beneath him stopping him from receiving any points. However, the MC has received paltry amounts like 1 or 2 points before from kills, so apparently the author is quite flexible on how the MC receives benefits while leveling up. Hopefully, if there is a light novel version, the author will clean up how the exp points are acquired and distributed.

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