Ch. 142 Hell Hole


I let out a sigh while viewing the corpses of the two red ants that I rolled over. One of them had their neck coming apart and the other was oozing body fluids from all over their body. Although the ants themselves were pretty grotesque, their large corpses were also equally grotesque. Well, it’s good that I already got pretty familiar with a monsters corpse.

Actually my level went up a good bit didn’t it, I should check my status again.

Species: Evil Plague Dragon
State: Normal
Lv: 42/75
HP: 172/339
MP: 193/232
Attack: 291
Defense: 222
Magic: 201
Speed: 185
Rank: B-

Characteristic Skills:
[[Dragon Scale: Lv5]] [[Voice of God: Lv4]] [[Gurisha Language: Lv3]]
[[Flight: Lv5]] [[Dragon Scale Powder: Lv5]] [[Dark Attribute: Lv–]]
[[Evil Dragon: Lv–]] [[Auto HP Recovery: Lv3]] [[Presence Sense: Lv4]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Physical Resistance: Lv4]] [[Fall Resistance: Lv5]] [[Hunger Resistance: Lv4]]
[[Poison Resistance: Lv5]] [[Loneliness Resistance: Lv6]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv3]]
[[Dark Attribute Resistance: Lv3]] [[Fire Attribute Resistance: Lv2]] [[Fear Resistance: Lv2]]
[[Oxygen Deficiency resistance: Lv3]] [[Paralysis Resistance: Lv2]] [[Illusion Resistance: Lv2]]

Normal Skill:
[[Roll: Lv7]] [[Status Check: Lv6]] [[Scorching Breath: Lv5]]
[[Whistle: Lv1]] [[Dragon Punch: Lv3]] [[Plague Breath: Lv3]]
[[Poison Fang: Lv3]] [[Paralysis Claw: Lv4]] [[Dragon Tail: Lv2]]
[[Roar: Lv2]] [[Star Fall: Lv2]] [[Nutcracker: Lv3]]
[[Human Transformation: Lv4]] [[Kamaitachi: Lv3]] [[Neck Breaker: Lv3]]

Title skills:
[[Son of the Dragon King: Lv–]] [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] [[Klutz: Lv4]]
[[Fool: 1]] [[Infighter: Lv4]] [[Pest Killer: Lv3]]
[[Liar: Lv2]] [[Evasion King: Lv2]] [[Spirit Relief: Lv7]]
[[Tiny Hero: Lv5]] [[Path of Evil: Lv6]] [[Disaster: Lv5]]
[[Chicken Runner: Lv3]] [[Chef: Lv4]] [[Mean King: Lv4]]
[[Guts: Lv2]] [[Big Eater(Giant Killing): Lv1]] [[Ceramic Craftsman: Lv4]]
[[Boss of the Crowd: Lv1]] [[Laplace’s Interference Authority: Lv1]]

Alright, my attack power is almost at 300 already. If I continue to grow this stat as I level up to maximum, I should be able to put up a good fight against that huge centipede. Actually after evolving and increasing my level a little bit, shouldn’t I be able to destroy it one-sidedly?

I was humiliated on multiple occasions by it, so if I reach 350 attack points, I will be able to go against it, and I could take my revenge on it.

Maybe, well depending on the evolution choices, I could be ranked A next.

If it does go that way then I could fly while dragging the huge centipedes head against the ground.

The highest rank a monster could reach should be A right? The next evolution could possibly be the final one.

To begin with, isn’t this based on the alphabet? In addition is there any humans ranked A in this world, it’s already scary as it is if they were B like me, are the displays made just for me?

[Characteristic Skill [[Voice of God: Lv4]] unable to explain.]

…..I haven’t heard from you.

Even though you never tell me what I want to know regardless of the level, it’s like you only tell me something when I do something wrong.

I can advance through the passage now….but with that said, I’m afraid that something else will pop out.

The huge centipede is still rampaging in the back, so I don’t even have a choice of going back.

I focus my eyes ahead.

From the passage ahead, I could feel multiple signs are coming. Ah, I don’t want to have to kill all of you.

I guess this is a monsters den.

Since there is no light coming from the entrance, it will be completely dark as we go along. Even though a human can get accustomed to the lighting, I don’t really want to be here for long. I think that I should lead them back here that way I can at least see the surroundings a bit more. The ones beyond this point will be accustomed to the darkness and most of them may have developed senses to be able to live as creatures in the dark.

I look back at the ball rabbit.

Two fireballs are floating around the ball rabbit.

It used its skill [[Light]].

Since it got dark, I wonder if it turned it on to be able to see. Originally, it looks like it’s supposed to suit such a purpose instead of an actual attack considering the name.


Could it be a little stronger?


The ball rabbit who understood my intention slightly nods.

The number of fireballs floating around increased to three, and their size grew a little.

This guy is growing steadily.

If it were to do it seriously it could probably put out more fireballs.

The ball rabbit’s skills are seriously all-purpose. The residents of this world should protect the ball rabbit, cultivate it and level it up, then deploy it whenever you need one.

Or rather, would the country be destroyed due to a food shortage? Actually it shouldn’t even be left alone, or it will probably eat the livestock and fields around the world.

In the end, it is also a harbinger of hell, how dreadful.


The ball rabbit turns its eyes at me strangely.

I forgot that it could read my thoughts with its skill [[Telepathy]].

As long as I don’t strongly think about it, I can change it or make it disappear.

I lightly shake my head and get rid of the thought.

Anyway, it’s now a little brighter.

If it’s like this then it’s possible to continue on, but what should I do?

Fortunately it seems like it’s a long straight passage, this way I will be able to see the number and nature of any opponents that may come through before they get too close.

Either way….I could tell with [[Presence Sense]] anyway.

I wonder how many opponents I have to defeat in order to get through this passage safely. If the opponent is a small fry then [[Roll]] will be enough to take care of them, but if I mistake its strength then I will run into a lot of trouble and I will be the one lynched instead.

First and foremost, I must observe my enemies.

While I was waiting, I saw red ants peek their heads from the corner of the straight aisle.


More red ants!

I thought that there was just two, but it seems there were still more left.

Two red ants follow after the one in the front.

“Kucha” “Kucha, Kucha”

Hey, this time it’s three of them.

Will I be able to get through this?

No, my level is higher than before, so I only have to believe that I will somehow.

There are no options to choose from. Prepare yourself, me.

Rather, those guys should be good experience.

Be happy ball rabbit, there is lots of food today.

I’ll make a mountain of ant soy sauce soup I learned from having my previous world knowledge cheat. First of all I need to learn to make soy sauce.

Following the three ants, four more come out.

I wonder if they are aware that there are corpses beside me, because they are murmuring.

It is equivalent to seven Little Rock Dragons.

Even one is enough to trample a village, this is just overkill.

Those two must have tried to buy time for support to come.

“gu, guu…..”

I truly felt frightened, and unconsciously took a step back.

No, no, I can do this. I need to overcome this.

There must be some tactics I could use to make use of the narrowness of this passage.

Not just my skills, I need to consider the ball rabbits and Nina’s skills. Think about the red ants skills, what are their normal habits and nature, nature?

I might unexpectedly be able to find a way out of this. Should I ask the ball rabbit to negotiate?

If I give up now I will seriously die. Come on, think, think.

Is there anything I could use that could fall down?

If I target a fragile part of the wall….

If I look around carefully around this wall, it is all the same and it seems robust.

If I focus my eyes, I can see the wall is made of red soil from the ants clay skill. The amounts are different but the colors are nearly identical.

Maybe this aisle, these aren’t ruins but just an ant nest?

Following behind the seventh one, red ants spring out from further behind.

One, two….three….Wow, the row is unbroken. Ah, no the count is already good. I’m dead.

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  1. Does it really only go up until A? I thought it would go up at least until S, but then again, human “hero” Irushia is a hero currently around B-rank (granted he is still young and still has room to grow and reach his peak, so would be A with enough time and possibly S if it is a thing, though S would take years).

    Yep. I called the ant’s nest. MC cannot retreat due to being unable to kill/move centipede blocking the way. MC cannot run past/through ants as it almost certainly will lead into the nest (unknown terrain) where there could be dozens, if not hundreds (doubt thousands as there is likely not enough food to sustain too big a colony when the ants are that big) of ants that will surround MC from all sides. The only chance MC has is to stand his ground to the best of his ability (back up when there is no choice, but the limit of the retreat is the centipede’s range) and quickly kill as many ants to level up and then kill the rest of ants (advance as needed), or kill and move centipede to run if impossible. The thing is MC does not have any skill high enough leveled to truly consider it an elite trump card to fight such a group onslaught (8-10 is true elite-mastery in my opinion, and MC only has scorching breath 5, which is not enough to kill the ants quickly enough to not be over run), but he does have one thing at his disposal to overturn everything. He has no choice but to rely on Plague Breath (gonna level up in the process at least once, if not more) to kill them and survive (gotta keep Nina safely in Ball and trust in Ball to not get caught up, or at least survive with curse resistance). Not only does it have debuff effects for those it affects, it also will take away their health in addition to it not being able to be cured (except stronger healing/holy/light magic) or deteriorate unless they have or develop curse resistance (would take a long time if they are able to get it at all, at least longer than this battle will last thus making it futile). Short of some other miracle happening, this is MC’s only way to break through that I could think of.

  2. *Tries to remember his old companions so I can tell if any map to the seven deadly sins other than gluttony…*

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  3. Thx for the chapter o/
    i wonder why did he take so long to notice that they were screwed.. does he not know how ant’s nests work? i presume there will be even more inside too so he either is gonna come up with a miraculous way of winning against many or he is gonna find a way to run away…

  4. How to get out? Roll – roll – roll – lvl up – evolve – kill them all !
    Tho daubt it will be dat easy :/

    Ty for chapter!

    • You’re right. As mana in this case is basically stamina. But as I was keeping it as is from the previous translator as it didn’t really make much of a difference I was going to leave it. But if you feel that it would be better I could change them from now on?

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