Ch. 155 Acquiring White Magic

A vulture is placed in front of me and Nina.

Both are barely 1 meter in length, and have ferocious looking nails. The eyes are big considering it’s from a bird, and it makes it quite creepy when it squints. There is no danger however, as it has a serious injury and should not be able to move properly. Both wings are also bound by fur.

Both were caught a little while ago with [[Kamaitachi]]. I had thought that something strange was watching me from above so when I looked up, the ball rabbit signaled me to act and I let it rush without fail. Both had a wound near the base of the wing.

[[[Harenae Condor]] : Rank E monster]
[Condor that is only found in the desert of Harenae.]
[Powerless but cunning, attention to its actions is required as it is known to rob baggage and fly away with it.]
[The eggs are laid all over and left on their own, once the children hatch they hunt as a couple.]

The children from the same nest become a couple and hunt together like that….

What percentage of them could actually reach adulthood from such a breeding method in this desert?

They will perish one day.

So that’s why their habitat will never spread beyond Harenae. Child abandonment would be a problem no matter what world you’re in.

The bird is much smaller than me however, I also don’t think it is well enough to take off with the ball rabbit beside me. Especially since its focus is mainly directed towards catching corpses. I’ve heard somewhere that the bald head on vultures is used to prevent the spread of fungus on its hair when it’s eating. No wasn’t that defunct with the thermoregulation theory? Hmm, I guess I really shouldn’t care about these kinds of things anyway.

Anyway…the purpose of these birds in front of me and Nina is for the sake of practice on using [[Rest]]. The last time I had learned [[Rest]] for a brief amount of time was when I used it on Miria. I wonder if that was due to the decent image I had in my head of curing wounds. No matter how much I think of it though, I can’t see myself learning anything by just praying ‘rest rest’ with nothing in front of me.

It was also decided that I would not injure myself…so in the end the captured vultures would be our practice partners. It’s a bit cruel but it can’t be helped.

I check the status of the vulture placed in front of me.

Species: Harenae Condor
State: Bloodshed
Lv: 8/15
HP: 5/24
MP: 12/16

Next, to check the one in front of Nina.

Species: Harenae Condor
State: Bloodshed
Lv: 7/15
HP: 5/22
MP: 8/14

They both only have 5 HP? That makes it easier then I guess.


「For treatment of light wounds, clear mind. Necessary to stay focused.」

Listening to the teacher Mr. ball rabbit, I adjust my focus back onto the vultures wound. It should be fine. I was able to do it once before, so if I remember the same feeling as back then, then I should be able to do it.

If I’m able to learn [[Rest]], then it may affect something in my next evolution. Seen as recovery magic is not suitable for evil dragons.

I should avoid any paths that may lead to a jabberwock. When I saw the description a while back after looking over status explanations, it is pretty much a walking catastrophe. Just by walking around you’ll build a mountain of corpses. I absolutely don’t want such a thing. I’m B rank right now, so it wouldn’t be strange if it popped out again. If by the time my evolution came and that was the only choice…let’s just say i’ll be in quite the funny situation. I need to work my best to collect good titles.


I concentrate on remembering the feeling of using [[Rest]] and give a little shout. Although the vultures wound slightly shines, blood continued to flow. I checked the vultures status, and it actually went up to 6 HP now.

It only changed by one….

When I think about it, back when I was a baby dragon it only restored by 3 in an hour. Does this have anything to do with me being a dragon? Hah…I still have plenty of MP left.

Recalling as I did the first time, I once again used [[Rest]]. That time I was desperately trying to use [[Rest]] on Miria who was collapsed on my back in the forest.

I closed my eyes and pictured myself as a baby dragon again. After opening my eyes, I superimposed Miria on the condor.

“pihiyaa! pihihihiwahiyaa!”

With bulging eyes the vulture cries out while wiggling around in its bonds. As I thought, it’s impossible to think that this crying angry bird is Miria. But by concentrating on the old days, I feel as if I grasped the feeling, even if only a little.


I once again use [[Rest]].

Although the one in front of me is a crying vulture, if I deceive myself and think otherwise, marking it is a dying child.

Suddenly, light started to soak into the vultures body.

Blood stops flowing out of the vultures wound and is soon blocked off.


The vulture stops struggling.

Oh, hey, are you dying on me?

Species: Harenae Condor
State: Normal
Lv: 8/15
HP: 16/24
MP: 12/16


The bloodshed was cured…and its HP recovered by ten just like that.

[Normal Skill [[Rest: Lv1]] obtained.]

It has been recognized as a skill.

It’s my first magic skill.

I want to raise its level quickly somehow.

[Title Skill [[Spirit Relief]] raised from Lv 7 to 8.]

Finally, I got it up to Lv 8.

[[Spirit Relief]] makes it easier to master [[Rest]], so I guess it’s thanks to [[Spirit Relief]] being a high level that I managed to learn [[Rest]], and [[Rest]] makes it easier to level up [[Spirit Relief]].

It’s quite the loop.

Perhaps with this a holy dragon route will popup. A good and strong evolution choice is sure to come out next time.

When I looked over to my side, Nina looked at me with a smile.

“For the time being, the hemorrhaging seems to have calmed down!”

The ball rabbit, who was guiding us at the side is also looking at me with a proud face. As I now have a magic teacher, polishing my skill will be fast.

Why don’t I take a quick look at the vultures status.

Species: Harenae Condor
State: Bloodshed
Lv: 7/15
HP: 2/22
MP: 8/14

It’s about to die!

The reason its blood flow has settled is because it’s almost out of it. If you look carefully, the vultures complexion is getting worse. I could easily tell due to its lack of hair. Its opening and closing its beak and a gloomy cry is coming out. It is defiantly headed for death.

The ball rabbit is looking over the vultures in satisfaction.

I don’t know what I should say.

I know it’s useless for them to know, as they don’t have the ability to check the status. Since I was already able to learn [[Rest]], it would be better to focus on Nina’s teaching. Ill let the ball rabbit know the status of the vulture.

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