Ch. 166 Invitation

When I apply some strength and bend my legs, my body rises up. At last, the paralysis seems to be fading. This way, I can move.

That blond bastard, he’s had his back turned towards me for a while. And he seems to be having some kind of conversation with Nina. I try to roar, but he’s not paying attention to me at all. Does he think that I’m still unable to move due to the paralysis, or does he think it doesn’t matter even if it does wear off?.

Certainly that guy is strong. Abnormally strong. If we really fight each other, with my status I definitely cannot win.

But, he has huge openings due to his negligence. I don’t know the whole story, but I was left aside and he started to duel with Adofu. From a third person view, it is obvious that he sees Adofu as inferior and that he’s not fighting seriously.

Now, if I dash toward that back, I might be able to get a hit in. If I throw my body weight into it and make him eat a [[Nutcracker]], even with that status he should not be unharmed.

I hold my breath and focus more strength in my hind legs. I’ll leap toward his back and strangle him with my claws, then fly into the sky in one motion and knock him to the ground. I am not sure whether this will work. I do not remember [[Nutcracker]] ever working on a superior opponent, but that’s because the opponents that were stronger than me have generally been huge, so I was not able to carry them and fly. There is hardly anyone with such an outrageous status in such a small body.

Perhaps this will go well, or perhaps he’ll easily shake free. In the latter case, I will most probably be killed at that point, and the likelihood for him to shake free is high. Maybe he’ll even chop off my head without looking back. But, there is no chance of me winning in a normal exchange of blows. If this drags on, there is the possibility that both Nina and the ball rabbit will also be killed. I have to do it.

The moment I became determined, I saw Nina scratch the face of that man. O, oi, Nina, what have you done! I understand how you feel, but recklessly pissing him off is dangerous!

That guy was stunned and had an emotionless face for a second. Then, a smile slowly emerged on his face. Just like the one in Noppera art, a creepy smile.

Translator`s Note

Imagine slenderman smiling.


That guy held out a his hand as if he wanted to request for a handshake, and then hit Nina’s face with it. That guy moves towards the staggering Nina and lifts her up by the neck.

Nina will be killed. Even if I leap towards there now, I will not make it. For Nina, even if that guy did not strangle her neck she will still die due to [[Dragon Scale]].

Rather, that may be more agonizing compared to this. Why? It’s because it is a curse from an evil dragon. It could even be said that the final result is just occuring sooner.

But, even so……

[……until the end, can you stay with me?]

Nina and I, together we made that promise. As if I could let her fall into the hands of that brute and be killed.


I heave my body up and roar with my face pointed towards the sky.

That guy seems to have noticed that my paralysis has worn off, as he looks back at me while releasing the hand that was holding Nina. Good, I have successfully directed his attention towards here. I kick the ground with my hind legs and close the distance between us.

I have lost the element of surprise, but it’s not like I had a good chance in the first place. I still have a chance of winning, just like when he faced Adofu, he handicapped himself and tried to prolong the match. If you face a life and death matter in such a easygoing manner, there is bound to be a critical gap.


Is there something wrong? That guy started to laugh. Really, what is wrong with this guy?


I swing my arm up and aim at his head with my claw. By adjusting the speed on purpose, I did not give my all in that attack. That guy unsheathed his sword and defended against my claw in a leisurely manner. ‘Kiin’, the sound of metal rang, my arm is put to a halt.

The purpose of adjusting the speed is to bring out the carelessness in that guy even if there is only a little bit in him. If there is a mistake, then I will be killed and that will be the end. With the difference in status, I cannot think of any other way for me to have a chance of winning besides this. There is a chance that he may not deliver a finishing blow but instead do something to paralyze me again like his first attack. It is a gamble with a slim chance of winning.

Claw and sword clash with each other. In the midst of all those clashes, my side is showing faults on purpose.

Although I fall behind in terms of speed, I am leading in terms of reach. At first glance, we seem evenly matched, but actually it is because the opponent is holding himself right at the point where I still have my superiority. That guy should have a skill he’s concealing with magic that gives him a ridiculous attack range extension.

From his expression, it is obvious that my opponent is just playing with me.


I make a big swing with my shoulder. Because that guy suddenly jumped to my side, I missed my attack and got my claw stuck in the ground. That guy loosens his expression. If I want to do it, it will be now.


I put my all in the other hand to attack.


To defend my attack, his huge movement is too slow. It is in.

That guy, receiving one hit should be able to put him into distress. The fight with Adofu too, when it looked like he himself would receive an attack, he was trying to end the fight quickly. If this hit did not inflict a mortal wound, the seed of hope of winning will collapse.

My claw crushed the shadow of that guy. I cannot feel anything in my hand. This feeling, it is similar to when I hit [[Mirage]]. Certainly this guy, possessed a [[Mirage]]-like skill?

“I should make you a little more obedient. Don’t worry, because I will control my power”

I hear his voice and raise my eyes.


At the same time as his voice continues, there’s an intense impact on my head and I’m knocked down on the spot.


My head is slammed to the ground and I hit my chin. My field of vision shook greatly. I was hit directly on the center of the head. My consciousness is in a critical state.

[resistance skill [[Paralysis Resistance]] has increased from LV 2 to LV 3.]

Even if God’s Voice indiscriminately tells me that, I cannot afford to be pleased. That guy climbs onto my head and thrusts his sword. If this continues, I will be killed.


“You don’t have to groan. I have a little interest in you. Do you understand my words?”

That guy said that with a smile and sheaths his sword. He starts clapping his hand with the sound ‘pachi, pachi’.

What is with this guy, he really is something.

“Iya, I never thought such a sentimental dragon existed! I’m very touched”

He says, in a suspiciously sweet-talking voice, with his fingers on the bridge of his nose.

A very pretentious act. If he plans to kill me, I do not think he will put up such a farce. Anyway, do you mean you do not want to kill me right now?

“But still, I can’t believe it. No, no no, I understand that this is rude, but I am a doubtful person. Which is why I want to see you putting your life on the line even more”

From his tone and expression, I do not think he is being honest. He’s speaking indirectly, but in short, what is this guy trying to say?

This guy bends his body forward and looks into my eyes.

“5 days…… No, it’s better if it is earlier. 4 days, yes, that is just nice. After 4 days, straight North from here, there is a country where I was born. Can you come 4 days later in the afternoon? From here it will take 2 days to arrive if you hurry.”

While saying that, that guy points to the direction I came. Ahead of that, there is the aforementioned city with a castle wall.

No, no way, are you telling me to go there? There will be a huge panic if I enter the city.

I already thought he was the kind of guy where you can never tell what he’s thinking, but no matter how I look at it, I can’t figure out what he means. Did you not attack me with the intention to prevent me from getting near to that city with the castle walls? The things you say and the things you do are all mixed up.


As if I could do that?! Who the hell would go!

Mustering up all the strength I have left, I wave my claw towards the guy on my head.

“Well then, I will be waiting. Irushia-kun, please do not betray my expectations.”

That guy raises his sword in its scabbard and drives it into my head. My claw did not make it in time at all. I received an intense blow in my head again, and my consciousness was cut off.

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