Ch. 190 Adofu’s Arm

I keep rolling for a while after leaving the red ants’ nest, deciding to take some distance from it. There should still be more than half of the red ants left in the nest, and there’s also the possibility of them pursuing us.

My body was ravaged by the red ants’ [[Clay Gun]] and bites. My wings and tail, both overworked from acting as shields, are in tatters. Adofu also has serious injuries. For now, I want to go to a place where I can relax confidently.

Not too far from the red ants’ nest, I find a cactus and decide to temporarily stop there to help Adofu recover. It’s on a little hill and has an advantageous view.

If any dangerous monsters approach, I will spot them immediately.

I spit Adofu and Ball Rabbit onto the ground.


Ball Rabbit shakes its body.

Puddles of saliva slosh off of it. Wow, that’s a lot.

I wish I had gone close to the sea… Ball Rabbit is better now, but it’s strangely smelly when dry. I’ve heard that animals are indifferent to their own smell. I wonder if Ball Rabbit smells about five times as bad as I actually do? Ball Rabbit stares at me with eyes that look like that of a dead fish.

A-and, anyway, Adofu’s recovery is more important.

Adofu has injuries all over his body. His right shoulder in particular has been bitten, and it’s crushed. No, actually, other than his shoulder, his injuries are more shallow than I had expected…?

[[Adofu Ahrens]]
Species: Earth Huma
Status: Prisoner’s Seal; Bloodshed (small); Coma
Lv: 49/85
HP: 42/320
MP: 14/105

His status is more stable than I thought it’d be. It seems that Ball Rabbit had been using [[Rest]] multiple times while in my mouth. I breathe a sigh of relief.

Good job, Ball Rabbit. Well done. It had to use [[Light]], [[Telepathy]], and [[Rest]] today as well, which consumed a lot of MP. Take it easy and have a good rest now.

When I turn to look at Ball Rabbit, it was glaring at me with half-lidded eyes. Back then, it couldn’t be helped… Hey, drop the saliva thing already, will you?

I use [[Rest]] once on myself and then three times on Adofu. With this my MP is almost gone, but Adofu’s HP has recovered a lot.

[Level of Normal Skill [[Rest]] has increased from Lv 2 to 3.]
[Level of Title Skill [[Spirit Relief]] has increased from Lv 8 to 9.]

I really appreciate this happening before my evolution. I’m glad that I can raise my recovery magic. I wonder if the Evil Plague Dragon has an evolution path for that?

I gently hold Adofu, and lift up his arm. His shoulder, it’s a little strange, isn’t it? Is this alright?

From what I have seen up till now, only effects like boosting natural healing power can be obtained from basic recovery magic. Basically, even though the injury is closed up, the damaged part does not regrow. There is the possibility that he will have to live with the after-effects of the damage.

In regards to Adofu’s right shoulder, the red ants bit off a large amount of flesh. For the time being, it appears to still be attached… I don’t know how well it will move in the future. Even if the false charges are cleared up, Adofu may no longer be able to wield a sword.


Ball Rabbit looks up at me with droopy ears. It seems to be worried about Adofu, too.

“…Uh, ugh, guh”

A few minutes later, with help from my recovery magic, Adofu wakes up. He sits up with an exhausted look in his eyes.

“…Aah, I’m still alive.”

He sighs, then mutters.

Since that time when the hero had stabbed him in the back, he’s seemed undoubtedly prepared to die. When the red ants flocked after him, I thought that he would die for sure.

“Once again, it seems that you’ve saved my life.”


N-no, I should be the one saying thank you. That time when the ground beneath my feet collapsed, Adofu had acted as a decoy to give me time to break free. If that had not happened, I think the red ants would have surrounded and killed me.

Adofu looks around restlessly at his surroundings. He appears to be searching for something. I wonder if he wants to drink water? If that’s the case, I will immediately go cut up the cactus…


(Um, large sword.)

As one would expect of Ball Rabbit, good guess. Adofu wants to retrieve his large sword. I spit out the large sword and its sheath. …For a moment, Adofu becomes serious.

“O-oh, sorry.”

Adofu staggers while standing up, hesitates for a moment, and then lifts his large sword with his right arm. What was that pause just now? Was it because of my saliva?

However, even though his shoulder had been struck by red ants, he’s able to perfectly lift the large sword with his right hand. I wonder if his condition is okay?

Adofu lifts his large sword up over his head using only his right hand. The arm, being held up high, trembles. Adofu’s hand slips and the large sword falls to the ground.

While crouching, he returns his large sword to its sheath, and sits down slowly. Adofu slowly shakes his head.

However, he does not look discouraged. Adofu had surely realized it when he had gotten up. His dominant arm has become useless.

“I no longer care about serving that country anymore. Even if I have such a sword, it might as well be useless… But, I would give my life just to strike that man once with my sword.”

He speaks sadly.

The heavy silence continues. Ball Rabbit, who can read Adofu’s mind dejectedly folds its ears.

I, too, do not know how to restore him.

“Is it fine if I entrust you with my revenge?”

Did he figure out that I feel bad about his loss?



(Leave it to me.)

The ball rabbit uses [[Telepathy]] to communicate to Adofu and it makes him softly smile.

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