Ch. 194 An Odd Couple


I run through the desert with all four feet, shortening the distance to the prey. The target is the three-headed camel, [[Mortar Camel]].

This guy is delicious on its own. But one day, I’d like to try Piperi with it.

“Nogue!” “Nogue!”

The three-headed camel runs like its life depends on it. Its speed is only at about a tenth of mine. I don’t even have to use [[Roll]].

While running, I slowly accustom to this new body of mine. Although I say changes, the overall physique is the same as the Evil Plague Dragon. The only difference would have to be the length of the arms. Which is fine when all is said and done.

“Guaa!” “Guaa!” “Guaa!”

…But the head to my side is troublesome. Barking, while shaking your head and neck. Won’t you please forgive me for running so fast? Wait, maybe, is this fellow a baby?

Will they be alright? I feel like they’re going to be a lot of work.

While running, I smack the other head against the ground. Please be quiet for a moment, will you. Obviously I also felt that.


It quiets down for the time being. I come up to the three headed camels, rear up and swipe at it with my front claws. The camel falls to the sandy ground while spurting out blood.

[27 experience points obtained.]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 27 bonus points acquired.]
[Lv of [[Ouroboros]] increased from 1 to 5.]

Even a three-headed camel raises my level this much. It’s easy enough to raise when in the lower levels, so if I farm the red ants again, then I can probably easily rise to level 40 in about a day. According to my previous experience, I could probably raise it to the max level of my last evolution fairly quickly.

Anyway, I wonder how my stats are doing.

Species: Ouroboros
Status: Normal
Lv: 5/125
HP: 419/424
MP: 430/430
Attack: 253
Defense: 204
Magic: 256
Speed: 250
Rank: A

Characteristic Skills:
[[Dragon Scales: Lv 7]] [[Voice of God: Lv 4]] [[Grisha Language: Lv 3]]
[[Flight: Lv 7]] [[Dragon Scale Powder: Lv 7]] [[Darkness Attribute: Lv–]]
[[Evil Dragon: Lv–]] [[Auto HP Recovery: Lv 8]] [[Presence Sense: Lv 5]]
[[Auto MP Recovery: Lv 6]] [[Double-Headed: Lv–]] [[Spirit Split: Lv–]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Physical Resistance: Lv 5]] [[Fall Resistance: Lv 6]] [[Hunger Resistance: Lv 5]]
[[Poison Resistance: Lv 5]] [[Loneliness Resistance: Lv 6]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv 4]]
[[Darkness Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Fire Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Fear Resistance: Lv 3]]
[[Asphyxia Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Paralysis Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Illusion Resistance: Lv 3]]
[[Instant Death Resistance: Lv 2]] [[Curse Resistance: Lv 2]]

Normal Skills:
[[Roll: Lv 7]] [[Status Check: Lv 7]] [[Scorching Breath: Lv 5]]
[[Whistle: Lv 2]] [[Dragon Punch: Lv 3]] [[Plague Breath: Lv 6]]
[[Poison Fang: Lv 7]] [[Paralysis Claw: Lv 6]] [[Dragon Tail: Lv 2]]
[[Roar: Lv 2]] [[Star Drop: Lv 2]] [[Nutcracker: Lv 3]]
[[Human Transformation: Lv 7]] [[Wind Slash: Lv 3]] [[Neckbreaker: Lv 4]]
[[High Rest: Lv 3]] [[Auto Regeneration: Lv 5]] [[Travelling Companion: Lv–]]

Title Skills:
[[Son of the Dragon King: Lv–]] [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] [[Klutz: Lv 4]]
[[Simple Fool: Lv 1]] [[Infigher: Lv 4]] [[Pest Killer: Lv 4]]
[[Liar: Lv 3]] [[Evasion king: Lv 2]] [[Spirit Relief: Lv 9]]
[[Tiny Hero: Lv 6]] [[Path of Evil: Lv 7]] [[Disaster: Lv 7]]
[[Chicken Runner: Lv 3]] [[Chef: Lv 4]] [[Mean King: Lv 6]]
[[Gutsy: Lv 4]] [[Big Eater (Giant Killer): Lv 3]] [[Pottery Craftsman: Lv 4]]
[[Boss of the Crowd: Lv 1]] [[Laplace’s Interference Authority: Lv 1]] [[One Who Knows Eternity: Lv–]]

As expected of an A rank. It’s wonderfully cluttered. I want to keep raising them at a good pace.

Now then, I should quickly make my way back with the camel. I crouch and take the bloodstained camel with my mouth.


Again, my partner suddenly barks. When I look, I see a light forming. The light covers my partner’s head and the scratches on her face start healing.

…You used [[High Rest]] without permission. It was just a scratch, it would have healed soon enough. Why didn’t you just wait for [[Auto HP Recovery]]?

It’s worrisome that you would use magic for something such as this… Well, since there’s [[Auto MP Recovery]] it shouldn’t be too detrimental.

This fellow, doesn’t even take anything into consideration. They’re the type to only learn high level spells in RPGs and end up dying for using it willy nilly. We have to be careful in conserving our MP.

Hmm…? So do the skills we can use differ? This is bad, what if we were given different abilities to balance out our roles… Should I test it out?


After putting the camel down, I turn my head up and use [[High Rest]]. Spectacularly, nothing happens. I reflexively look at my partner.


“Whats up?” She seems to say. She seems to immediately lose interest in me and turns away to look towards the distance.

Seriously… My precious recovery magic, and this foolish head who thinks nothing of it… Isn’t this the worst? My partner was chosen to take the best qualities I had. I will be fine since I have [[Autoregeneration]] but if the ball rabbit or Adofu happen to get injured, I will have to depend on this head, and maybe even have to prostrate myself to get her to comply.

I turn and try using [[Plague Breath]] and [[Scorching Breath]]. Seems like I can use them normally. That’s good.

Not only can I still use them for different tactics, this also means I don’t have to worry about my partner spraying it everywhere. It’s a likely possibility with that fellow.


“The hell are you doing?” is what her eyes seem to say while looking at me. I’m being fussy because of you! Don’t look at me like it’s somebody else’s problem.

It would be pretty bad if both heads were able to learn different skills, wouldn’t it? According to that explanation I received during my evolution, [Going against God with life desecrating magic] is something I’ll be able to do from now on. But then I remember that idiot of a partner shaking their head around…

I guess this was somewhat of a regrettable evolution. Despite the power up, this partner of mine is kind of useless. Perhaps, it’s not yet wise to go against those red ants.

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Ch. 193
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Ch. 195

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  1. Five levels for just a camel? Man, the lower levels are easy to acquire.
    Irushia became a party of two. Two that cannot communicate or coordinate and draw from the same resource pool.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    • I think it might be an effect of double headed or the fact he hes an Ouroboros…they probably both got the exp which leveled the body

    • One problem that could occur is which head does the skill choosing and evolution choice in the future? If both heads are able to choose, while the head_of_MC is busy thinking of which choice to make, the head_of_Roommate decides to choose the evolution path based upon what she wants. As a reader, I am on the side of the MC and not of a “room mate”.

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    If he wasn’t so timid then he could have become Rank S+ ages ago. 😛
    (Yeah, he might have risked his life a few times but that’s life.)

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/

  5. I was disappointed when he decided to go 2 headed evolution.. It’s like he didn’t think that having a partner with 1 body is bad…

  6. Gracias por el capítulo!!!
    Va a tener que enseñarle a hablar o a comunicarse porque de otra forma no va a funcionar nada de lo que él intente

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    • Chapters come out every Wednesday and sometimes Fridays (if we have the drive to get another chapter out). If it isn’t out by Wednesday then there’s probably something that’s keeping us from releasing it. You can always join our Discord server for updates on chapters

  11. No pressure, there are novels that update only once per month after the translators caught up with the author. I’m glad when we can get an update once per week or so. You guys are doing an amazing job!

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