Ch. 198 Negotiations

Ten Red Ants, will that really be enough? Frankly speaking, I can’t really estimate how much my level will go up by.

I won’t be able to catch up with the hero. Backing down is an option, but…… If I can’t catch up with the hero by defeating those ten Red Ants, I’ll be at a considerable disadvantage.

Should I forcibly restart the negotiations? The other party must want to avoid death after all. They threatened to commit suicide, but if they are cornered to that extent, it might be just a matter of obstinacy whether they go through with it. Well, but……

[Can you not accept this condition after all?]

I don’t understand the mentality of my negotiation partner. Is it a bluff, or is it their last resort? I did not expect to lose to the Red Ants in negotiations.

Hey, Ball Rabbit! Can’t you read my opponent’s intentions with [[Telepathy]]? Like, how serious are they with the the threat of suicide……

[Think maybe it used to…… can control self, don’t open think.]

……Well, the Queen Ant’s [[Telepathy]] skill level is higher. Then might it be possible that our side’s information has been one-sidedly revealed? According to the previous explanation, it sensed our intent to this extent…… I suppose if the skill level is that high, then the gap widens. If this drags on, wouldn’t that be disadvantageous for me?

What should I do? Should I probe the situation from a different angle while changing my approach? But will that work against this one? Would this superficial tactic not fall apart if it were to be discovered by the mind reading ability of [[Telepathy]]? Even if it is so, I really don’t know as to what extent [[Telepathy]] can do so……

I need some kind of alternative……

[……You wanted experience points, but I cannot grant you any more Red Ants than this…… But it’s not as if there aren’t any other alternatives.]

Noticing that I’m troubled, it makes a new proposal.

[It is a bit further away, but there exists another swarm of Red Ants. How would it be if I were to tell you its location?]

Having me overlook their hive by selling out another one, is that it…… ? A frontal assault on a hive of perfectly healthy Red Ants is a bit too risky. There’s also the chance of that being a lie. If I were to head out and search for the Red Ant hive, it would not be strange if you were to flee from the nest during that time.

Also, It’s doubtful whether Ball Rabbit’s lie detection ability could take on this one based on their skill levels. It might be an attractive proposal, but the risk is too high.

[Hmm…… Then I will lend you my soldiers. Save for my escort of five Ants, they shall join you.]

Is that alright? But you mentioned only ten earlier……

[It is not like it is a certainty that they will die. Besides, there is territory at stake. To that degree, a compromise is possible.]

The Queen Ant appears to be slightly vexed. This really seemed to be its last resort.

We’ve been deep in talk until now, and there’s something bitter about being declined while being forced to compromise. I probably can’t expect the terms to become any more favourable than this. If this drags out, I’ll be probed by the mind reading capabilities of [[Telepathy]]. It’s possible that my weakness would be further laid bare.

Then is this the point of compromise? I’ll still be treading on a dangerous path, but I’ll also have the Red Ants backing me up.

[There is little time. Now, let us leave this place. I will immediately send my soldiers to the surface.]

Before that, bring the injured Red Ants before me. It must be a lot of effort to have them leave the Nest. I’ll have them recover completely with my recovery magic.

[……Oh, understood.]

After entering the depths of the nest, the Queen Ant returns with about twenty Ants that are on the verge of dying. It seemed that there were some wounds from when the passage caved in that can’t be healed. If it were just Red Ants with miscellaneous injuries, then there seemed to be more than 40 in total.

The Red Ants approached me cautiously. I glanced over at my partner.


No, why do you seem like expectant? Only you can use restoration magic.

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