Ch. 215 Judgment

“Somebody! Save meee!! Don’t screw with me! Just how much do you think I’ve contributed to all of you!? A throwaway country like this will revert back to nothing more than an impoverished, backwater shithole in the blink of an eye if I die! Do you understand that!?!?”

A majority of the townspeople had already escaped the scene. However, there were a few dozen people who had stayed behind, maybe trying to attentively keep a close eye on the situation from beginning to end. But, of course, not a single one of them made a move.

With my forefoot still holding the hero down, I bring my other forefoot up. With this… it’s over.

“Eek!! Stop! If I- If the hero dies, then there’ll be no one left who’ll be able to stop the demon king when it reveals itself! It’ll be a bloodbath! You’ll- You’ll be killed! Stooooop! Let go- Let go of me, dammit! I am… The Great Hero!”

The hero clawed at and bit into my forefoot. I was sure that you of all people would know how futile it is to struggle at this point.

[Title skill [[Tiny Hero: Lv MAX]] and title skill [[Spirit Relief: Lv MAX]] have changed into [[Brave Hero: Lv 1]].]

Huh? What’s this?

[The conditions for transferring the sacred skill [[Human Realm]] have been fulfilled.]

Sacred Skill? Now that you mention it, I do have this lingering feeling that the hero had a skill that I just couldn’t recognize… but is that the one?

“Wh-what is the meaning of this!? Don’t spew this shit at mee! Do you mean to use me ragged and then toss me out when you no longer need me!? What the hell is so ‘Godly’ about a miscreant like you!?!?”

Seems like the hero was sent a different message. The hero’s face is practically painted with hatred while he continues to struggle frantically, as if grasping at the air.

[Sacred skill [[Human Realm: Lv –]] has been acquired.]
[Level of characteristic skill [[Voice of God]] has increased from level 4 to level 5.]
[Level of title skill [[Laplace Interference Authority]] has increased from level 1 to level 2.]

…For some reason, the skills that I didn’t want to raise for reasons other than their relation to evil… went and rose anyways… So then, what about the hero’s status?

Species: Earth Huma
Status: Bleeding
Level: 65/65
HP: 18/398
MP: 2/355
Attack: 272
Defense: 214+76
Magic: 252
Speed: 240

Body: [[Water Dragon Garments: B+]]

Characteristic Skills:
[[Spirit’s Divine Protection: Lv –]] [[Fairy King’s Blessing: Lv –]]
[[Grisha Language: Lv 6]] [[Swordsman’s Talent: Lv 9]] [[Presence Sense: Lv 6]]
[[Muted Movement: Lv 7]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Physical Resistance: Lv 6]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv 6]]
[[Dark Attribute Resistance: Lv 7]] [[Hallucination Resistance: Lv 5]]
[[Poison Resistance: Lv 5]] [[Curse Resistance: Lv 3]] [[Petrification Resistance: Lv 5]]
[[Instant Death Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Paralysis Resistance: Lv 3]]

Normal Skills:
[[Shock Wave: Lv 6]] [[Ten-Set Thrust: Lv 5]] [[Lucent Luna: Lv 7]] [[Summon: Lv 7]]
[[Mirage: Lv 3]] [[High Rest: Lv 5]] [[Quick: Lv 4]] [[Power: Lv 5]] [[Mana Barrier: Lv 2]]
[[Physical Barrier: Lv 4]]

Title Skills:
[[Former Revered Hero: Lv –]] [[Swarm King Contractee: Lv –]]

Hey, now… His [[Voice of God]] just went up in smoke. It’s as if the title skills that were just there… never were. As if wiped clean of all evidence. The weird symbols in his skills are nowhere to be found, either. I thought that only his status had dropped, but even his maximum level had decreased.

I already knew this, but you’re a real piece of shit to wipe him spotless and toss him aside, Voice of God.

“Stop screwing with me! Stop screwing with mee!! Answer me, Laplace! What’s going to happen to me!? What’ll happen!?!? Answer mee!!”

I wonder if someday I’ll be cut off like this guy making a ruckus underneath my foot. …No, I should try not to think about that. That’ll be something to think about again when I’ve found someone else with [[Voice of God]].

For someone that’s come to this, I feel sorry for them, even if they were the hero that I hated as much as I did. I can’t stand this anymore. Let’s end this quickly.

Just when the thought crosses my mind, my sight happens across Adofu at the back of the crowd of people who were watching me. He must have followed me around and came to see the situation.


I called out to Adofu. After Adofu gives me a subtle nod, he pushes his way to the front of the crowd of people. After he gives me the affirmation, I gently lift my forefoot up.

The hero crawls out from under my forefoot and clambers to his feet while picking up his sword.

Hagh- Hagh! You let your guard down! I can still- I can still fight! Hahahahahahaa!!”

As the hero shouted so, he began running while stumbling left and right. It’s just straight up questionable whether or not he can honestly see what’s in front of him.

“This country! You! That goddamn god! One day I’ll kill. You. All!”

The hero howls in a hoarse voice. With Adofu standing before him, the hero’s mouth split wide open as he laughed. He’s probably thinking that he’s going to cut Adofu down and recover his HP.

“What business do you have with me, small fry!?”

The hero swings his sword. As such, Adofu also swings his sword.

“((Lower your sword))!!”

Adofu’s large sword stops mid-swing. Seems like the [[Prisoner’s Seal]] was still active.

“Now, die for real this time!”

Adofu squats down… and evades the hero’s sword. And just like that, he somersaults and slips right behind the hero, swiftly standing back up.

“Ah- Aah…?”

The hero completely loses sight of Adofu. Adofu tackles the hero from the hero’s blind spot, slamming him with the broad side of his sword to the point where the hero loses his footing. The hero falls down, his back striking hard against the earth’s surface.


“You must have been quite confident that you could handle someone of my aptitude… but you should have issued a different command.”


Without waiting for another peep to leave the hero’s mouth, Adofu stabs the large sword into the hero’s chest.

[1040 experience points have been acquired.]
[Due to the title skill [[Walking Egg: Lv –]], an additional 1040 experience points have been acquired.]
[Level of individual [[Ouroboros]] has increased from level 58 to level 60.]

At long last, the hero is finally dead. The experience points I got were only on par with that of the large centipede. The reason for that is probably because of the substantial downgrade in the hero’s status.

[Skill [[Fake Life (Soul Appendment): Lv 1]] has been acquired.]

I feel like I’ve just had another dreadful skill casually slapped down into my hands.

“…You have my gratitude, Dragon.”

Adofu releases the large sword from his hand.

“This is the last time I intend to wield a sword. I give this one… to you.”

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